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Sunday, November 9, 2014

"roads, bridges and schools...."

I've had discussions with my liberal friends of the wisdom of giving politicians money and a point I've made is you give a politician a buck and they will spend three, then ask for more. In a recent discussion with a friend over the Colorado marijuana legislation, they were adamant that the money was for "road, bridges and schools..." Who hasn't heard that before. I recall in the 1990s when Edwin Edwards, the occasional governor of Louisiana wanted casino gambling and the lottery to fund "roads, bridges and schools..." Well Louisiana has both and the roads, bridges and schools suck, although money from gambling did flow in. And I have no doubt the money that Colorado realizes from marijuana sales will simply be pissed away and not be used for "roads, bridges and schools...." and in a few years another politician will come up with another way to raise revenue for "roads, bridges and schools..." And the usual sheeple will not ask the simple question, "Where did that other money go you swore was for 'roads, bridges and schools'..."

I say this because I was checking out the paper this morning and it brings back an oldie but a goodie, the tobacco settlements of the late 1990s. Now one of the greatest lies perpetuated by the left (and some on the right) is that they want the American people to stop smoking cigarettes. Nothing could be further from the truth. Too much money involved for them to tax and piss away, excuse me, "contribute" and "invest". So what happened to that quarter of a trillion dollars big tobacco gave for "anti-smoking" activities....

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