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Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Cop's Funeral

On Monday, May 18th, I was awakened by Beth that an officer of the Houston Police Department had fallen in the line of duty. After two suspects stole an ATM (yes, they do that now) the suspects robbed a women of her car and continued the chase. Officer Richard Martin was deploying spike strips when the human waste, Jeffrey Conlin, ran him over. The pursuit continued for an hour when Conlin stopped. Knowing he was a dead man (The express route to Huntsville in Texas is to murder a cop) he shot himself, dying of the injury the next day.
Officer Richard Martin, Houston Police Department
Immediately peace officers from around the area covered their badges with black bands showing Nemo me impune lacessit, No one Treads on Me with Impunity. On Tuesday night, Officer Martin’s son pitched his Little League baseball game with dozens of Houston Police officers sitting in for his dad.

On Friday we held his service in Houston (Officer Martin was buried in Oklahoma today). How his 22 year old daughter got through her comments was beyond me. His 11 year old son stood bravely but had the Houston Police Chaplain Monty Montgomery read his letter to his dad, including these words:

“…I will make good grades and work hard, And when I play in the major leagues, I will think of you. I will follow your steps into law enforcement….”
After the ceremony Chaplain Montgomery directed the assembled officers out and they were formed into groups, including Houston Police, Harris County Sheriff’s Office and military. A horse drawn hearse brought his casket for the final ceremony.
Four Houston Police helicopters flew over, with one pulling off in the classic “Missing Man” formation. A 21 gun salute was fired, Taps was played and the flag presented. His badge number is retired, perhaps to be used by his son at a later date. And then the dispatcher calls Officer Martin for this last time.

We will hold the line from here. Thank you for your service we will never forget your sacrifice . May you rest in peace Officer Martin and may God watch over your family.
Posted by Clayton Graham on Friday, May 22, 2015
And it was over. For us. His family will never get over this. His partners at Houston Police Westside Night Shift will always have a missing man. But it’s not how you’re buried, it’s how you’re remembered. And he will be remembered well.

Rest in Peace Officer Richard Martin…We Got The Watch

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