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Monday, June 15, 2015

My take on the 2016 Presidential Election

I’ve said this over and over, 2016 is the Republican’s election to lose. The Democrats are going to the end of the B Hussein Obama regime, and he’s a drag on their entire party. The 2 Ps, peace and prosperity are not deliverable by them. The economy is a disaster, Obamacare has been a catastrophe, B Hussein has squandered what we gained in Iraq and Afghanistan, by sticking his nose and ears in Syria and Libya the Middle East is on fire, were are on the verge of handing Tehran nuclear weapons and Israel may have to attack the Iranians before they get attacked. Meanwhile both China and Russia are on the move and the moron Carter at the Pentagon is worrying if he haven’t cut back enough.

The Democrats heir apparent has all the warmth of Nurse Ratchet and the baggage of the Clinton’s. She’s got all of the Clinton negatives with none of Bubba’s positives. Mrs. Bill Clinton has a disastrous record, literally has blood on her hands with Benghazi and even her supporters can’t name an accomplishment of hers.  

The Dems are for everything the public hates, such as amnesty, Obamacare, Common Core. And to top it off Americans rarely vote the same party as president three times straight. Last time was 1988, when George H. W. Bush promised to be the third term of Reagan and unfortunately was the first full term of Ford. The time before that was FDR in 1940.

Again, it’s the Republican’s race to lose. That being said, the leadership of the party is doing its best to blow this election. The Roves, McConnell’s, Boehner’s are betting on the old straw of “We give them a RINO or a Dem they will vote against the Dem…” Seemed to have missed the fact that millions of conservatives stayed home in 2012 instead of voting for Mr. Charisma, Mitt Romney. Mittens was open about ignoring the base, he immediately went for the “moderates” and “independents” and we lost the White House again to a clueless man-child. Or the fact the last time we won with an overwhelming majority was in 1988, when Bush was pretending to be a conservative.

I’ve said this more than once, if the Republicans nominate Bush, Christy, Romney or Graham, either I will write in a candidate or, for the first time in my life, will not even vote. As it says, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

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