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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Memes, and words, mean things.

Friday morning as I was getting ready for a cop’s funeral, I saw this meme posted on FB by a high school friend. They probably don’t know the author of this and something just stuck me for a few seconds, then I saw what was staring me in the face. And again, words mean things.

Earlier this week when we were all discussing the death of the Harris County deputy, I made a point on a friend’s (and fellow cop) FB posting describing the death as an “execution”, that this was not an “execution”, but a “murder”.

A killing of another human is a homicide, an unnatural death, and can be accidental (e.g. a traffic accident) or deliberate (e.g. murder). Not all deliberate killing is unlawful; killing in self-defense, for example, is not a crime. “Murder” is intentionally or knowingly taking someone’s life without justification. “Execution” is the state taking a life with due process of law. One point I've made in discussing this is when Texas executes someone the death certificate says “Cause of Death: Homicide” and in the remarks section it says “Execution by court order”.

The racial activists (B Hussein Obama, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder) want to equate killing of criminals by police with murder. The lie that Michael Brown was “murdered” helps stir that pot. And no, he was justifiable killed by Officer Darren Wilson. But the fact doesn’t fit the story, or in this case, the meme.  


  1. Hate the president all you want.
    There are murderous Cops in Texas.
    There are murderous cops everywhere.
    There are people that unlawfully commit murder, some cops are allowed to commit murder in the name of law and should be prosecuted.
    Cops are held to a higher standard as they should be.

    1. Yes Anon, I despise B Hussein Obama and I’m counting down the days will SAS 28000 takes him to Hawaii, or Chicago or wherever he’s going for the last time. Get over it.

      I love this quote, “unlawfully commit murder”. Murder, by definition, is unlawful. Kinda like unlawful rape, unlawful robbery, unlawful theft. That was my point, murder is by it’s definition, unlawful. However the race baiting poverty pimps (B Hussein Obama, Sharpton, Jackson, etc) want to equate a cop shooting in self defense (Wilson on Brown) as murder. Sorry you missed the point. Slow your reading down and you may catch it.