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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Just an observation on the job....

Somethings just make this really worth it.

I hit a Wendy's on the way to work and used the drive through. To my pleasant surprise, when I get to the window the lady told me the driver in front of me paid for my lunch. May be "Pay it Forward" but I'm honestly thinking it was a citizen thanking a cop they will never know.

Get to work and I get to announce one of my officers is wearing his shield for the last time. As an officer. He promotes to Sergeant of Police on Monday. Good work Chuck, you will be a great supervisor.

I get on the street just in time to hear another unit asking for immediate backup and being able to direct support. And I get to check by because the "man of the hour" was upset he was arrested because an officer was "hassling him" for no reason, "He never saw me but he starts to follow me..." I had to ask, "If he never saw you, how did he follow you..." Never quite got an answer before he started to scream. Oh well, another satisfied customer.

Got to get a 13 year old off the streets. Literally, off the highway, he was walking on the shoulder of US-59, in an excellent place to get killed. When I walked why he was doing it he said, "I'm walking home..." Seems he missed the bus and was walking home. I got him home and mom was not happy. Hopefully that fixes that issue.

After getting another complaint, I needed coffee, and then I'm the only unit available for a urgent call, debris on the highway. As I head up there, I get a real laugh out of this highway sign:

Took a few seconds to click on what I was looking at.

Get to the call, it's a plastic tank in the middle of US 59, an excellent place to get killed. So I get to use my Tahoe to push it off the highway.

I drive back to the station for a late lunch of leftover Hamburger Helper and I think, "I really love this job..." It fits me. I've never been a 9-5 worker and this works.

Be safe out there!

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