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Saturday, June 25, 2016


Yesterday got two very important things. In the mail, I got my diploma, two months after submitting my thesis and six weeks after formally graduating American Military University. I now have a Master of Arts Degree in Intelligece Studies. Three years, almost took as long as getting my bachelor’s three decades ago. Then again I was a full time student back then.

More importantly, yesterday I got my first paycheck with the additional pay for a master’s degree. Also, when I take the lieutenant’s test in a few years it’s one more point for promotion.

Thankfully my family, friends and others endured me over the last three years. Will I do this again…not now.

I’m enjoying not having weekly time declines. I’m really enjoying reading for pleasure, not for assignment. My blog is coming back to life, a bit slowly. And I’m catching up on things around the house and with the family.

Have a great weekend.

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