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Friday, September 23, 2016

Another example of how children are not being raised....

From the Clinton News Network:

Video shows police pepper-spraying teen girl

(CNN)Body-camera videos of police pepper-spraying a 15-year-old girl in Maryland have touched off an uproar.

Police released the two videos to the public Thursday and have defended their actions, while the girl's family and their attorney said at a news conference that the young woman had been mistreated by cops.

The incident began Sunday when Hagerstown police officers received a 911 call that a bicyclist hit a car, according to police.

Actually it's according to the driver of the vehicle.

One of the videos shows the girl walking away from police and then attempting to ride away on her bike before she was then pulled back by one officer.

"Get off of me!" the girl cried repeatedly, as she struggled with the officer for several minutes before two cops lifted her up and put her in the back of a police car.

Actually, the quotes are "Don't f&*(ing touch me!," and "Get the f^&* off of me." CNN, please, try and be accurate for a change.

The videos show passersby watching as officers repeatedly told the girl, who was handcuffed, "you are going to get sprayed," and ordered her to put her feet inside the patrol car.

The girl continued to scream until an officer pepper-sprayed her through the open car window and another officer closed the door.

"I can't breathe," cried the girl, who is not being identified by CNN.

Her lawyer said she was sprayed four times, while the police chief said it was once.

I can believe the liar, err lawyer, or my lying eyes. I'll believe my lying eyes.

The attorney, Robin Ficker, posted a video taken by a witness on the scene, and the lawyer included the following a message on Facebook:

"This little girl, 5 ft. 105 lbs, was brutalized by Hagerstown police after, she, on her bike, was hit by a car, but refused medical treatment. They slammed her against a wall, arrested her for refusing treatment, maced her 4 times in the police car while handcuffed, and took her to the police station instead of the hospital!"

Mr Ficker, you're giving lawyers a bad name, and that is saying something. Those officers showed an incredible amount of restraint.

Hagerstown Police Chief Victor Brito strongly defended the actions of the officers in a news conference Thursday, saying the girl had become "assaultive" and "combative" and would not cooperate with police. She can be heard on the videos cursing at the officers.

The cops told her they wanted to contact her parents, but she wouldn't give them any information.

"Every time we use a level of force, regardless whether we are justified or not, we lose," Brito told reporters.

You are correct in that sir. And you should be proud of your men in this case, they were very restrained and professional.

...The girl, her mother, and Ficker spoke to reporters to express anger with the actions of the police, which led to demonstrations in the city and ignited a storm on social media.

"The cops knew she might not be OK, but they didn't treat her that way," Ficker said.

When asked by a reporter if the teen acted appropriately in dealing with the police, the girl's mother suggested that the situation "could have been handled better (by her daughter)," but added: "I don't know that she was even in the right frame of mind."

"You don't take a 15-year-old child, and put them in handcuffs, and shut a door, and mace them four times," said the girl's mother. "Why was she not transported to the hospital? Why?"

Police said the girl refused medical treatment at the scene.

Well mom, I know you're keeping the lie up as your liar, err arrorney said, you're looking for a big payoff. Who knows, the state of Baltimore may pay you. But if you are so concerned about your child why didn't she want to call you. The cops tried to get your name and number, her dad's information from her, asked a stranger if he knew you. Sounds like they were concerned about your child. A lot more than you, quite frankly.

The teen was later charged with disorderly conduct, assault and possession of marijuana, according to police.

No Resisting Arrest?

For all the YouTube lawyers out there with there law degrees from BLM and CNN, please let me explain. One, she in a child, the officers are responsible for her safety if a parent or other reasonable adult (e.g. aunt/uncle/close family friend) is not there. Two, she is involved in an auto accident, she had to provide her information for the report. Three, assume the officers had let her go and she is injured. Say she had an injury that retires hospitalization but because she's not there, she get ill and dies or has created complications. That leaves the city open for massive liability.

BTY mom, wash your kid's mouth out. If I had spoken to a cop like that at 15 I wouldn't have to worry about the police. My mother would have kicked my ass!

Good works officers. Be safe out there.

Thanks Jude L for the link.

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