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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

"Let someone come handle it...but you don't get to leave."

A point I made in discussions with people over what cops do. If we're in a mall and someone starts shooting, you will do the logical thing. You will RUN!

I get to move to him.

Denver Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall went through a simulator and found it's not as clear cut as Black Lies says.

...Marshall’s relationship with the Denver Police Department has clearly continued, as witnessed by a video posted yesterday on the DPD Facebook page under the headline “SUNDAY MATINEE: BRANDON MARSHALL GOES TO THE ACADEMY.”

The introduction to the video reads: “Earlier this week, our friend, Denver Broncos’ Brandon M. Marshall gave our VirTra V-300 simulator a spin. Equipped with over 100 virtual scenarios, the simulator allows officers to train in rapidly-evolving, life-like situations. WATCH how Brandon did….”

In the clip, a cheerful Marshall goes through the simulator, weapon in hand – and in one sequence, he can be seen pointing it at a black man armed with a pistol. Marshall doesn’t shoot, and orders the man to “put the gun down,” which the simulated suspect does.

“Some of the situations these officers have to go through, with the stress levels – their life being threatened and other people’s lives being threatened, the various decisions they have to make – I think it’s very difficult,” Marshall says in the video. “And I think this is the perfect simulation to give people insight on what really goes on.”

He adds, “I don’t know everything that goes on as far as police officers go. But it’s a hard job.”

It’s too soon to know if the video will rehabilitate Marshall’s image with Broncos fans who took issue with his previous protests – or if he will be accused of selling out the cause by those who agreed with his previous actions. But the contrast between last year’s controversies and the new clip couldn’t be sharper...

I'm glad to see you went to the Denver Academy and got to see how we see the situation. Good luck next year.

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