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Monday, February 13, 2017

A strange way to prove an article of faith....

I've long believed "Global Warming," or "Climate Change," or "Climate Disruption" (or whatever it's called this week, has the ALGORE sent out his message yet?) is more religion than science. You bring out the most obvious point to question it, that carbon dioxide is not a pollutant but a gas that is critical to life on the Earth, and the zealots go nuts.  Or if you point out that the same people who say the earth is warming used to say the earth is cooling, because of, get this, too much CO2 in the atmosphere.  And in both situations, the solution is the same, taxes and control of the economy in the hands of the federal government.

Now I really find this interesting. Here is an environment activist, better called a eco-terrorist, broadcasting him (and others) committing a felony. Notice the text at the beginning, "The man wants to prove climate change is not debatable, and his latest actions to do so could get him 20 years in prison."

No, destroying thousands of dollars of private property, possibly causing a spill of oil in the ground or water in no way proves or disproves carbon dioxide causes the earth to heat.  It proves he is a criminal by destroying another person's property.

He got a hung jury and I can only assume there will be another trial in the future.  I'll try to update this as needed.  What scares me is he will be called a hero by many an idiot calling themselves a teacher, not the criminal he is.  

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