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Sunday, August 20, 2017

The inmates are running the asylum.

I turned on NFL Network to watch my hometown team play a football game. Granted, it’s preseason, but at least it’s football. So I would expect any other coverage on the NFL Network, which is supposed to stand for National Football League, should cover, get this, football.

Well I turn it on and there is a black man looking at an old house in the middle of a large lot. For a moment I’m thinking this may be the story of a young man who makes it up from humble beginnings all the way to the NFL. Well, the first thing the interviewer talks about it’s been five generations since his family owned slaves. And I immediately mute the TV.

I wonder if the morons who run the NFL understand what the league is about. Yes, I know, first of all, it’s a business. Got it. And I understand in business the customer is not always right. However, the NFL is there to entertain the consumer, to provide an escape from the daily drudgery of life. Or put another way, offer something to the customer. He will spend this money to be entertained, and if the NFL won't do it, the customer will go elsewhere.

The league staff is doing its best to destroy the NFL. I know people who would never miss a game in years past have shut off their TVs on Sunday. I’ve had a friend from New Orleans mail in all of his Saints gear to the commissioner in protest of that moron Colin Kaepernick. They seem to like the approval of the New York/LA champaign set. Fine, but understand, the base of the leagues fans, the men and women who buy the tickets, pay for NFL GameDay, purchase the team merchandise, are Mr and Mrs Joe Six Pack, and they don’t care for spoiled multimillionaires insulting this country.

I’ve read Jimmy Johnson laid down the law with the Cowboys, you don’t stand for the National Anthem, you are off the team. Roger Goodell, that is how you handle these spoiled players. Right now the inmates running the asylum. Get control of your league or you will see it die.

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