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Friday, December 6, 2019

I know I love my niece. I am missing this bucket list item for her wedding...

Almost a quarter century ago, my brothers, their wives, a friend of mine, and I attended the Hell Freezes Over Tour of the Eagles, the reunion Don Henley swore would never happen. But when I heard they had reunited, I called my brother Bobby and said, "As broke as I am, if I have to rob an old woman for her Social Security check, I'll do it to make this concert!" And one my of life's objectives was achieved.

Fast forward a 24 years, and I was hoping to see Kansas. Alas, they will be here the weekend of Jessica's wedding. You know I must love you if I'm missing this!

Real rock and roll, from a legendary band. Enjoy their signature song, Carry on Wayward Son.

I'm hoping they extend the tour in 2020! Have a great weekend!

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