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Sunday, April 8, 2012

More evidence of Global Warming or whatever the hell it's called this week

Winter snowfall record set in Anchorage

(Reuters) - A storm dumped more than 4 inches of snow on Anchorage over the weekend, bringing the total snowfall for Alaska's largest city to a record 11.2 feet for the year, the National Weather Service said on Sunday.

The official snow tally was 134.5 inches, 1.9 inches above the previous record set in the winter of 1954-1955, the weather service said.

The average for winter snowfall in Anchorage over the past 30 years is 74.5 inches, the agency said...

...With many snow storage sites full, the Anchorage Assembly created temporary storage areas in late February. Some of the snow piles are expected to last through the summer.

Several roofs in Anchorage have caved in under the weight of accumulated snow, including the roof of a church auditorium.

There are similar concerns about roofs in the towns of Valdez and Cordova, where the snowpack is much higher than normal...

...Winter sports enthusiasts have reveled in the record snowfall.

Alyeska Resort in Girdwood, the state's largest ski area, is enjoying a banner season. And Chugach Powder Guides, a Girdwood company that runs helicopter tours, is almost completely booked...

I guess the debate is settled...have a great week!


  1. Always watch for reports from Reuters news service, Reuters is the most pro-global warming news service in the world right now. Its owned by some wealthy Canadians from Toronto who are also heavily invested in Green investments, hence the green bias from Reuters.

    1. @Anon

      I've noticed Reuters has pushed the Global Warming story with no question. I didn't know they were owned by a group with investments in green technology. That clears up a lot