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Sunday, October 2, 2016

An example of why you can't "shoot the gun out of his hands..."

Here is a quick video of how things can go to hell quickly.

Jeffrey Cave Holding Gun At Side Is Able To Shoot First, Two Officers Shot

Joe GritOn October 1, 2016

Kingman, Arizona – On Thursday, a team of Bullhead City Police officers in full tactical gear confronted Jeffrey Cave, who was holding a gun down at his side. Despite the numerous officers who already had their sights on Cave, he still managed to shoot two of the officers before they could react and return fire.

Bullhead City Police were conducting a search warrant at the residence of Jeffrey Cave, 53, near Miami Avenue and Stockton Hill Road.The officers were searching for a stolen firearm. The team of officers approached the door of the home and announced themselves. Jeffrey Cave then came to the door with a firearm in-hand.

After officers gave Jeffrey Cave many repeated orders to drop the gun, Cave pointed the weapon towards the officers and shot two of the officers. A quick exchange of gunfire occurred, during which Jeffrey Cave was killed. Detective Dennis Gilbert was critically wounded but is now in stable condition after coming out of surgery.

A second officer was also shot, but his body armor saved him from injury. BCPD’s Emily Fromelt advised, “Lieutenant James Brice, 58, had one bullet pass through his clothing; however, he was not injured. The officers involved were wearing tactical ballistic body armor and gear during the search warrant.”

One can’t help but point out the similarities between this case and the recent officer-involved shooting a Keith Scott in Charlotte. Scott confronted officers while holding a pistol at his side. Keith Scott also refused repeated orders or drop his gun. Charlotte Police Officer Brentley Vinson finally shot Scott after giving him every chance to surrender and perceiving him as an immediate threat to the lives officers on-scene…

I counted five or six officers, all with their rifles or pistols pointed at the sack of shit, and he still managed to get two rounds off, hitting two officers, within two seconds. Look between the 52 sec and 54 sec mark on the video. Remember, the bad guy has the initiative, he will decide when he will shoot. You must react to him. So be ready for things to turn to shit, quickly. Be safe out there guys.

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