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Friday, October 14, 2016

Ben and Jerry's and an illogical choice....

Years ago, before I knew better, I used to eat Ben and Jerry's ice cream. I loved their Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and when I was stationed in Arizona back in the mid 90s, a Sunday ritual was to ride my bike over 50 miles, then eat a quart of that variety. Hey, two hours on the bike, I've earned it.

Then I found out besides being very hard cord leftists (I buy from people who's political alignment I don't agree with, Amazon.com and Apple comes to mind), they support cop killers. In particular, they supported the murder of Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner. Wesley Clark, aka Mumia Abu Jamal. In 1981, Wesley shot Officer Faulkner in the back, then several times in the face. I then refused to purchase another item from them.

Now I found this curious. A fellow cop, who is a very open Democrat and supporter of the B Hussein Obama regime, posted this meme on FaceBook. Now the man is very opposed to the terrorist group Black Lives Matter, is a hell of a cop, but he's a supporter of cop haters, such as Mrs. Bill Clinton, Eric Holder, B Hussein Obama, etc. I'm I off when I say this is very illogical?

A recent article pointed out something, "doctors vote for Republicans, lawyers vote for Democrats..." Sound like one group can prosper without government interference, one needs it. But I really don't see how any cop can support the most anti-police administration in history. When his FBI should be looking for criminals and terrorist, the B Hussein Obama regime is working on nationalizing local policing. And we can be assured a President Mrs. Clinton will continue the process he started.

Am I nuts here?

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