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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Election Postmortem....

I just had a rather heated discussion with a very old friend of mine and I’m wondering if I need to send the cops for a welfare check. Yes, my friend was a very ardent supporter of Mrs Bill Clinton, is a supporter of B Hussein Obama and despises Trump.

When I said “I didn’t vote ‘for’ Trump, but ‘against’ Mrs Bill Clinton…” the answer was “you own it, live with it….”

So, to my liberal, regressive and yes, libtarted friends out there, my olive branch for what it’s worth.
1. We feel your pain.

2. In 2008 never did I believe this nation would elect an unqualified petulant man-child, and in 2012 reelect him. But seeing he really seems to enjoy, well, maybe too strong a word, is immune to the pain of the American people, especially seeing he’s inflicted a lot of it (see unemployment/underemployement, Obamacare, our nation being a laughing stock of the world) the voters said enough, we want “change,” so this is the only “hope” we have.

3. Think back to 24 hours ago and what you expected from the Republicans/conservatives/Trump supporters assuming that Mrs. Bill Clinton had won. Something like “She’s won, give her her initial chance…” or words to that effect. Is it too much to ask the same of you? Get off the floor and engage, obstruct if you will, but at least give him his 100 days.

4. Finally, to those of you hung over, ready to jump off the roof of a skyscraper, etc, remember this. This country was born from a rebellion against the greatest superpower on earth at the time. We’ve lived through a Civli War and Reconstruction, the Great Depression, World War II, Vietnam and B Hussein Obama. We will continue on. Get some coffee in you, go to work and try to improve your life. As I told my wife four years ago, life will go on.

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