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Friday, November 18, 2016

Why you do the job.....

The city gets rocked from time to time with crimes that make you question that some two legged Homo sapiens deserve them "human," and this is one of them. Last week three human creatures robbed a mother with her two children. The mother and one daughter were shot and this four year old girl was murdered.
A 4-year-old girl was killed and her mother and older sister were critically wounded when a robbery in their apartment complex's parking lot turned violent Monday evening.

The girl, Ava Castillo, died after being transported to a hospital by LifeFlight, said Deputy Thomas Gilliland with the Harris County Sheriff's Office. By Tuesday morning, the mother and sister — Diana Gomez, 27, and Betzida Castillo, 10 — had been upgraded to stable condition.

Gilliland confirmed Tuesday evening that deputies were interviewing someone in relation to the case. He declined to label the individual as a person of interest.

Family members were unloading groceries at their Greenspoint-area apartment complex near the North Freeway and West Road when the three men drove up in a sedan, Gilliland said. The mother did not give up her purse to assailants, one of whom started shooting at the family. The three suspects remain at large...

Friend, fellow sergeant and academy classmate Bryan Garrison posted this on Facebook and it says it better than I ever can:
Standing in a line earlier today a black female turned towards me, looked at me with the hate and disgust I've known for almost two decades because I wear a badge and never turned around again. Running in my neighborhood yesterday I saw fresh graffiti reading "f@ck the police". It really doesn't bother me. It's nothing new. I've experienced this for many years working the worst parts of our nations fourth largest city at night.

I don't even hate them back. They are sheep. They believe the lies media tells them and to be completely honest the opinion of sheep doesn't really matter to me. I will protect them regardless of their hatred towards me unless they become a threat at which point I will deal with them accordingly. The outcome of that depends on luck, Gods will, my mindset and training - but it's all predicated upon their actions.

A lot of us are becoming more jaded than we normally are and expressing a desire to quit or simply not go the extra mile out of fear of losing our job and potentially our freedom. I don't completely blame them; however, I must remind them we didn't answer this calling to be loved, liked, or respected. We didn't do it for money. We did it because that shield is a symbol of who we are and that is the literal protector of others. It might get us coffee - but it also requires a commitment to put others ahead of yourself. While many of us are wondering why we should continue I simply share this picture.

This little girl was murdered by several pieces of human waste two nights ago while they were trying to steal a purse. I might get my paycheck from the City of Houston and I generally respect my chain of command and do what is required to the best of my ability- but on the street I did my job and answered to the innocent people like this little girl and her family. I work for them. Regardless of how many hate us I know we'll do our best for the ones who need us - despite some of their contempt.

Animals like this need to be removed from he human gene pool. The investigators have a suspect, they've released a picture of the suspect vehicle and I really hope these sub-human beings are...

I won't got there.

I just hope they are brought to justice soon. Nothing is more dangerous than a scared animal.

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