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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The limits of "De-Escalating"

One of the constant rephrains from the cop haters (for lack of a better term) is "Police need to learn to 'de-escalate' the situation..." OK, here is what can happen if "de-escalating" fails:
Denver officer shot early Saturday morning after attempting to calm down man in crisis

Suspect also shot and is in surgery

A Denver Police Department officer was in stable condition after he was shot Saturday morning while attempting to calm down a man “in crisis.”

Police tried to defuse the situation before the man shot an officer, hitting him in the leg, Deputy Chief Matt Murray said. Officers returned fire, hitting the suspect. Both the officer and suspect were transported to separate hospitals and have undergone surgery. Both are stable however the man remains in critical condition.

“It really appears that he was having a personal crisis and in our attempts to try to defuse that, he made decisions to make the situation get to where we are,” Murray said...

The cop haters put out a lie that cops shot first, ask questions later. Bull, if only for the fact they know what they have to loose (felony conviction, loss of career, pension, family, etc). And over the last 20 years agencies across the land have trained more officers to deal with people in mental crisis. However, "de-ewcalating" techniques have their limit and, again, there are Monday morning quarterbacks to spare. To them I'll just ask, "Tell us how to do it on Sunday."

Officer, glad you're gonna recover.

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