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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

And another reason Trump won in 2016...

And will likely win this year.

This morning I stood in line for over 45 minutes at one of 122 early voting locations in Harris County Texas. After making it into the polling location, I presented my ID, was given a 4 digit code to enter into the machine, and spent prehaps 5 minutes actually voting. Total time on this effort, just around an hour. Straight Republican ticket.

I've done my part for the republic, and so will my wife soon enough. But I have been received emails from this group, the "Lincoln Project," for months now. I checked Abe's Twitter page, and he ain't happy with these RINOs using his name, just so you know. As I've said about readying the NY Times, it's watching the propaganda of my nation's enemies. And on the subjet of propaganda, there is 60 Minutes and its glowing article on this group. Some excerpts:

The Lincoln Project: Career Republicans call on Americans to vote out President Trump  
A group of longtime Republican strategists who have worked with the likes of John McCain and George W. Bush have launched a scorching campaign against the president. Lesley Stahl reports.

With the president now infected with the novel coronavirus, there isn't much in this election year that can be described as "normal." But among the most abnormal is that a group of lifelong Republicans -- political strategists for Republican candidates for the last 30 years -- have banded together to mount a rogue offensive aimed at defeating the sitting president of their own party.

They call themselves the Lincoln Project. Named for the "Party of Lincoln," which they allege has gone so dangerously astray under President Donald Trump that they've decided to take the strategic and ad-making firepower they've trained for years on Democrats and turn it against their own. And the president's bout with COVID-19 is not slowing them down.

Dan Barkhuff: I'm a pro-life, gun-owning combat veteran.

They've come from the Lincoln Project, trying to convince fellow Republicans...

Narrator: He's a draft dodger in chief who despises the men and women he supposedly leads.

...to elect a Democrat.


Narrator: It's time for decency. It's time for Joe Biden...

OK. these are not the first RINOs to try to get a Democrat elected president. The former Secretary of State Colin Powell, the picture of a Republican In Name Only, endoresed Barrack Obama days before the 2008 election. Ironic he stabbed another RINO in the back.

Decency? Excuse me? Joe Biden, decent? Donald Trump is no angle, but when your own running mate says she believes the women who have accused him of sexual harrassment, and worse, he's not that decent.

...Lesley Stahl: How did serious Republicans decide to go rogue?

Steve Schmidt: We all had a conviction that there are millions of Republicans who look at this debacle and reject it. And what we thought we could do is talk to those voters in the language and the iconography that they understand, connect with them, and persuade them, many of them, to vote for the Democratic nominee for the first time in their lives.

Lesley Stahl: Have you lost friends over this?

Steve Schmidt: For sure. Of course.
He launched the Lincoln Project super PAC in December, with seven co-founders including Rick Wilson, media consultant and ad maker for Republicans like Rudy Guiliani and Marco Rubio. Veteran Republican strategist John Weaver, who also worked with McCain and John Kasich
. George Conway, conservative lawyer, and husband of Kellyanne Conway -- herself recently diagnosed with COVID-19 -- and Reed Galen, who worked on both George W. Bush's campaigns. Together, more than 200 years of Republican party activism...

I notice something, they have all worked for RINOs and other republicans who cannot win. In a very heated discussion with a veteran friend of mine, he just didn't get it. He can't understand why we would not follow these idiots as they throw country off the cliff. Yes, the Democrats would thorwn the nation off the cliff in 5th gear. The RINOs (McCain, Jeb!, Rubio, Kasich) would only do it in 1st.

Trump, for his many issues, has kept, or tried to keep, his promises. The border wall, immigration security, tax cuts, getting us out of disasters like the Iran Nuke Deal, or the Paris Climate Pack. His judges have been great, and thanks to him and McConnell, there are no openings on the courts of appeal. Trump's been a disaster on the budget, but so would have been a President Mrs. Bill Clinton. All in all, I'll take Trump.

Mr. Schmidt, please, join Kasich et all and just go to the Democratic Party. We don't need you in the GOP. We have enough losers, and enablers of losers, in the party. Infect the Democrats please.

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