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Saturday, June 5, 2021

BBC really needs to learn English

A 60 Minutes host (I think Morley Safer, but I stand to be corrected) told students looking into becoming reporters that one thing they should never major in is journalism. He said he could teach you everything you need to know about journalism in a few months, but major in something that will help you in the endeavor (English comes to mind!). Much like I’ve told countless people wanting to become cops, the last thing to get a degree in is criminal justice. The police academy will teach you what is required, why pay for it. Get something that will make you more marketable, if you will. Accounting, computer science, etc. 

Going back to the comment on English, I got an update from the BBC this morning, "Nations back deal to tax multinationals." Here is the article: 

G7: Rich nations back deal to tax multinationals

The G7 group of advanced economies has reached a "historic" deal to make multinational companies pay more tax.

Finance ministers meeting in London agreed to battle tax avoidance by making companies pay more in the countries where they do business.

They also agreed in principle to a global minimum corporate tax rate of 15% to avoid countries undercutting each other…

Again, the author of this article mistakes something. The nations did not agree to this, but the governments did. One of the greatest quotes from Ronald Reagan, front his first inaugural speech:

We are a nation that has a government -- not the other way around. 

Yes, the people are the nation, and they didn't agree to this. The government's did. Assuming this makes it through the US Senate (a quaint notion, following the constitution, but go with me), it will then be law, no matter what the nation wants. 

Now here is the real funny part:

…The deal announced on Saturday, between the US, the UK, France, Germany, Canada, Italy and Japan, plus the EU, could see billions of dollars flow to governments to pay off debts incurred during the Covid crisis... 

As I've explained countless times, a politician says we will take a dollar from you, use it to some critical task (e.g. roads, bridges, schools, debt). He then spends five dollars on anything but what he said he 

Another amusing part of the propaganda, excuse me, news article:

"...His German counterpart, Olaf Scholz, said it was "very good news for tax justice and solidarity and bad news for tax havens".

"Companies will no longer be in a position to dodge their tax obligations by booking their profits in lowest-tax countries," he said...  

 In the immortal words of Dr. Evil, "Riiight." If Ireland is no longer the lowest taxed nation, Amazon or Apple will use another low tax nation. They simply will need to pay off the politicians (both parties) on this. I'm recalling the 1990s, when Bubba Clinton jacked up taxes on luxury items like yachts. The rich simply got their yachts from overseas, dodging the taxes. When the GOP took over the congress and repealed that, the revenue increased. Something libtards just don't get (or refuse to acknowledge), that 15% of a buck is a lot more than 50% of nothing. 

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