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Friday, June 4, 2021


 It was a miserable 2020, and 2021 has also been challenging, but at least it’s a move upward. On Tuesday-Wednesday I took my Harley on a 2 day ride near the Texas-Mexico border, and it was great to clear my head. I know I need to take some time off when I’m driving around while off duty, see a moron do something stupid, and I reach over to run his plate.

Well, I don’t see Beth and I on a real vacation for a bit, as we’ve both started new jobs. We are planning on attending the Blue Knights International Convention in Ireland in the summer of 2022, and likely will squeeze a short cruise in between then and now.

But I can’t think of a better song to start the vacation season with. I would love the official video, but it’s blocked (Thanks Bruce! :<( ). Here is a decent live version of Girls in their Summer Cloths. Enjoy. And have a great weekend.

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