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Sunday, May 13, 2012

An article on an overdue library book....

From the Drudge Report, this article on cops being sent to the house of a four year old over an overdue book.

4-Year-Old’s Overdue Library Books Returned After Police Sent To Family’s House « CBS Pittsburgh

FREEPORT (KDKA) — The case of the four overdue library books and the little girl who borrowed them is closed, thanks in part to local police who were sent to investigate the case.

Four-year-old Katelyn Jageman’s books were due back to the Freeport Area Library on Oct. 19, 2011. Until Thursday, they were still in her possession. Library officials said after several attempts to retrieve the books, the case was turned over to police, who made a courtesy call to the child’s home.

“It’s a rare incident, but it does occur,” said Donna Michael, President of the Freeport Area Library Board...

Now I could make comment on the waste of police manpower, etc. Hell, the cost of the book is probably less than the cost of the hourly rate of the cops being sent out to handle this. But I'll let that slid. This is the interesting part of the article.
...The library receives no federal funding and relies on memberships, donations, and a secondhand shop to survive....

Why would the federal government support a local public library like that? A private library should have it's own resources. If it's a city/country library that government should support it. If it's a federal library (e.g. on a military base) it should have federal funding but that's it. And why is it the reporter even mentioned it.

Kinda curious.


  1. Why are the police being sent for a private library? If my neighbor borrows and doesn't return my lawn mower, could I sic the police on him?

    1. Assuming CA and your country/city have similar law to Texas, yes. If I borrow something from you (the lawn mower) and I refuse to return it that becomes theft. Now it could turn into a “he said” “he said” if I told the cops “Darren gave me this mower...”

      If we had a similar situation as the kid here, first the kid is not in trouble. A four year old cannot be held criminally liable for anything. The parent would get the knock on the door. If mom said “Yea, we checked it out and no I’m not returning it” then she could be arrested but more than likely be cited for Class C Theft which carries at most a 500 fine. She has taken the property of another.

      Lesson learned don’t let 4 year olds read! ;<)