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Thursday, May 24, 2012

A clear example of why Conservatives, not Rockerfeller's need to run the party.

We all know the Republican Party has it's schools of thought on how to handle the issues of the day, some more libertarian, some more regressive (i. e. liberal). Here is a great example of this.

NY Republicans propose ‘clearly unconstitutional’ ban on anonymous online comments

Nearly half of the Republicans serving in the New York State Assembly have proposed legislation that would ban anonymous online comments.

If enacted, the legislation would require websites — including social networks and online newspapers — to remove all anonymous comments that are brought to the attention of administrators.

An anonymous comment could remain if the author “agrees to attach his or her name to the post and confirms that his or her IP address, legal name, and home address are accurate.”

UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh told The Daily Caller that the bill is “clearly unconstitutional.”

“The Supreme Court has held for 50 years that anonymous speech is protected,” explained Volokh, pointing to the 1960 case Talley v. California. “This kind of breach of anonymity on demand is just not constitutional.”

“I would love to hear from these legislators… Presumably at least one of them should be able to speak to the constitutional objections to the statute,” Volokh added.

The sponsor of the state Senate’s version, Republican Thomas O’Mara, told TheDC that he had not initially considered that the legislation might ban First Amendment-protected speech.

“Today is the first day that these issues have been raised,” O’Mara said. “I haven’t gotten any comments from any of my colleagues in the Senate who said that this wasn’t a good idea.”

“I certainly didn’t introduce the legislation with the thought that it was violative of the First Amendment. We’re certainly looking forward to any and all input.”...
Not abusive of the First Amendment? Man did your parents raise you this way or were you just born this stupid. You must be a Harvard Law graduate you are so clueless.

This comment at the end says it all.

...As Wired magazine notes, the legislation would have banned the anonymously written Federalist Papers from online distribution.

Hey guys in Albany, your state is dying. You are loosing your productive citizens to places like Florida and Texas while importing people who will not contribute to your society. The mayor of your largest city is a complete idiot and the opposition party is trying to outdo him with this.

Get a clue, balance your budget and fix your state Mr. O'Mara. Then maybe people won't say nasty stuff about you.

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