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Friday, August 28, 2015

17 years on The Watch!

17 years. Where did they go.

August 28, 1998. On a hot Friday night 69 classmates and I from my academy class made our final assembly, completing just over six months of training. That night we received our badges, took our oath and then “locked and loaded” our pistols for the first time off of the range. And we were hungry as hell to get to really get on the streets, to go from “Cadet” to Cop!

I didn’t think of it at the time but that was the last time we would ever all be together. Two class members did not complete field training (not uncommon) and over the years some of our alumni have gone on to other agencies and other careers. But for six months we were always together, always pushing each other, in some cases making friendships that would last decades, in others acquaintanceships that would be professional only. The fact is you have a group that big, you’re going to have some people you get along with better than others. But nothing will change one thing, if I ever needed backup, my classmates would be there. And I would be there for them.

So to my friends and fellow graduates, it’s scary. We’re now the adult supervision. I know we’ve got at least three lieutenants and even more sergeants from our class. We’re the ones the young officers look to for advise on how to handle an incident. who do they contact during their investigation, and so on. Just like the other "old timers" did for us. The circle keeps going and we’re handling it now. A lot of good men and women helped us, and now we help the next generation.

Again, congratulations Class 173, let’s move out. We Got The Watch!

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