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Saturday, August 15, 2015

The disaster of the Great Society, in one article and a few pictures.

I've often shocked people when the subject of "Worse president in US history" comes up and I tell them it's not B Hussein Obama but Lyndon B Johnson. When asked why my first answer is "I'll start with 58, 000 reasons, their names are on a wall in Washington DC." But this shows what else he did in one article. The "Great Society" (a worse oxymoron than military intelligence) told minorities, especially poor blacks, "go out and we'll take care of you...young women, you can have all the babies you want, we will take care of them, you don't need families, Uncle Sam is now Uncle Sugar...young men, go out and have a good time, be "baby daddy" and you don't have to support your kids at all, you don't have to raise the children you brought into this world, we'll handle that for you...." and this is what you get. I've known people who came from "Da Hood" but their parents would have kicked their asses if they would have gotten caught steeling something. In their cases it was because they were stealing, it was because it was wrong and they brought shame upon themselves and the family. In this case the kid was probably jumped on because she got caught.

We have a lot of cultural issues in this country and this is the greatest example of what our our societal problems. . I was taught by my parents the Golden Rule, to respect others, it was expected that I would provide for myself and my family. In other words I was raised to be an adult. This child, barring a major change, is being raised to be a thug.

A friend of mine said it best, "If I could I would dig up LBJ, put him on trial and then execute him again."

The moment a mother was caught on camera teaching daughter to steal tequila

A Florida woman was caught on camera teaching a young girl believed to be her daughter to steal tequila from a liquor store in Pembroke Park one afternoon earlier this week.

The shoplifting scene was captured by surveillance video cameras at 24/7 Liquors...

...In the video, the woman can be seen walking down the aisle with the girl and telling her which kind of tequila she wants.

The little girl does her best to oblige, but the first bottle of booze proves too heavy for her.

After making her way down the aisle to tell her older companion about the problem, the little girl comes back and selects a 750ml bottle of 1800 Silver Tequila.

She then heads to the front of the store with the bottle behind her back and darts out the door while the woman stands in the way and prevents store clerks from seeing what is going on....

Thank you Adrian W for the link.

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