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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Officer Down....a bit close to home....

This is addressed to the murderer of Harris County TX Deputy Darren Goforth, who was taken from his family, fellow peace officers and fellow Texans on Friday August 28, 2015. I hope you are scared.

Oh, please, let’s get something straight, words mean things. Deputy Goforth was not executed, as I’ve seen posted at many media and social media types have said. An execution is the lawful taking of a life by a court order. Deputy Goforth was not killed, people are unfortunately killed every day in accidents, by suicide, etc. This was murder. The unlawful, deliberate, knowing or intentional taking of a human’s life. And is Texas we have set a high bar for a capital offense and you have reached it.

You have murdered a peace officer in the performance of his duties. By the way, Texas is the capital punishment capital of the United States. And Harris County, from where the deputy your murdered comes from, is the capital punishment capital of Texas. So you’ve pretty much picked the wrong location to kill a cop. Yea, you have reason to be scared.

Understand something, our courts and juries really don’t like cop killers. Understand cops are given elevated status in the eyes of the law because when you murder us, you are not only assaulting us, you are assaulting society as a whole. We are the sheepdogs looking over the peaceful citizen to keep them safe from the wolf like you. We are paid to keep Mr and Mrs John Q Citizen safe. We know loosing your life is a possibly, it’s always on the back of your mind as you start The Watch, but you accept it. It accepted it from the day you decided to take this career, when you entered the academy, when you put on the badge and gun. And unfortunately for Deputy Goforth he’s paid the final price. We can’t bring him back, but our justice system can help him and his family sleep a bit easier.

As some point in the near future you will be arranged for “Capital Murder of a Peace Officer” and the DA will request no bail and serve notice that the people will seek the death penalty. That makes it impossible, if you were so inclined, to plead guilty. See only a jury may sentence someone to death but we will go to the effort in your case. And believe it or not, we will give you some good lawyers to defend yourself. That way when you appeal we can show it wasn’t Rip and Run Underwriters Esquire that represented you but a very good attorney.

Now we can see the pleas over the years, “My daddy didn’t love me…my mom didn’t pay enough attention…I was encourage by others to do it…” And the last one is probably true. We’ve had black activists encourage murdering cops in the last few days and they likely encouraged you. But you notice you’re all alone now. The won’t be there during your trial, but there will be lots of cops in the courtroom to support Deputy Goforth’s family and our Harris County Sheriff’s Office family. And after a few weeks of trail, the jury will likely find you guilty and then sentence you to death. And the judge will reprimand you dumb ass to the Texas Department of Corrections with the final words, “May God have mercy on your soul.”

At some point in the future, after all the appeals and such, you will have a date with death. And when that extraction team comes to your cell to take you to the execution chamber, strap you down like the rabid animal you are and them pump you full of drugs to eliminate you from the human race, I beg you, please, resist. About 8 very large guards will go in there, beat you until an inch of your life and pull you out. And then a taxpayer provided medical tech will fix you up enough so they can strap you down. And then you will be sent to meet your final Judge and their ain't no appeal from Him. So again, died scared. Who knows, you may find God in the next few years and get His forgiveness. I would work on that fast, you’re life is now on a timer.

But understand you will be treated to the end of the line by other peace officers. The Thin Blue Line, my Blue Knights and other law enforcement motorcycle clubs will ride up to Huntsville that day to support the family and make sure you know “your time is up!’ In Texas we execute at 600pm (Don’t ask, I have no idea why) and just after that time we will rev the engines on our motorcycles as loud as we can. The noise is heard almost a mile away and witnesses observing the execution say they all heard it in the death chamber. Just a final good riddance from us all. And yes, I will be there, as well as many of my motorcycle riding cop brothers and sisters.

You could do us all a favor and go Sandra Bland on us. Will save the tax payers a fortune in keeping your dumb ass alive long enough to put you down. But we know you don’t have the guts. You’re a coward, you will die one.

So again, I bet you are scared and you’ve got reason to be. As I get my uniform ready for duty tomorrow at the Memorial commentating officers who have died, I will have to put on, again, a black stipe over the bade with the words, “Nemo me impune lacessit”. You are too stupid to know Latin, so let me enlighten you. It means “No One Treads on Me With Impunity”. And we will insure you will pay your final debt to society. So yes, please, be afraid, be very afraid.

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