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Monday, July 31, 2017

Another example of why you don't turn your back to people...

This woman the throat of an officer who had his back turned. Somehow someone missed the weapon on her. And the officer was not watching her while he was on the computer. This is scary.

Can never search enough. The real outrage was she was found not guilty!
A Vermont woman who sneaked up behind a police officer while under arrest and allegedly tried to slit his throat with a knife was found not guilty of attempted murder.

Jennifer Berube, 40, was acquitted of attempted second-degree murder and a lesser charge of attempted aggravated assault on Monday by a jury in Rutland, a city in western Vermont about 60 miles south of Burlington...

To my fellow cops, be safe out there. And to the jury in this case, thanks for nothing!

Thanks to Norm W for the link.

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