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Thursday, July 6, 2017

I guess Black lives (don't) Matter, after all....

This afternoon, after going though my shift paperwork, I was drawn to something on Facebook. I could not hold myself back. It's the dispatch radio recording from when NYPD Officer Miosotis Familia. Just past midnight he was murdered by a thug and you can hear her partner screaming for help. You get an idea of the confusion, the terror, the hopelessness as you know's happened. Thankfully this POS was handled by the NYPD and he will never terrorize another human being. And he had a long history of that:
"...(Alexander) Bonds served about seven years in prison for a robbery in Syracuse and was paroled in May 2013, records show. Police sources initially said he had been arrested in 2013.

Wednesday was not Bonds' first attack on a police officer. Sources told the NY Daily News he previously assaulted an officer with brass knuckles.

Bonds also recently spoke critically of law enforcement on social media, the Daily News reports, noting he seemed to have had up to six different aliases.

Records show he went by John Bonds during the Syracuse robbery arrest..."

Apparently this POS didn't care you were black Officer Familia, only that you were blue. He didn't see the nurse you were also, or the three kids left without a mother. We can only speculate why he choose you, but there is no question your uniform was the major reason.

From this morning, Officer's Familia's body being transported from the hospital.

RIP Sis...We Got The Watch.

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