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Friday, March 16, 2012

Public support of a cop's investigation.

Around Houston (among other cities) you will find government owned signs near the highway warning about construction, accidents, etc. The ones here all occasionally broadcast assist for missing children, etc. Here is a private company donating it's assets for an investigation.

Company Donates to Solve Murder: MyFoxHOUSTON.com

Company Donates to Solve Murder

PASADENA, Texas - You've probably never met or seen Gary Martin, but you might have seen the signs his company, NTS Mikedon, has.

They are those light-up signs that sit on trailers, warning drivers about road hazards...

...Pretty soon, at the request of the Pasadena Police Department one will be sitting at an old murder scene. Instead of giving information to anyone passing, it will be asking for information about the New Year’s Day murder of Edlyn Villegas...

...Public pleas for information from Zermeno and Villegas' family didn't work. The case has stalled, but the detective investigating the case had an idea: Why not put a light-up sign at the scene asking for help?

"Of course he was interested in information coming from any direction or any part of the day, but night in particular because the focus was on between 1 and 4 a.m.," Pasadena Police Chief Bud Corbett said.

So the detective approached the city's public works department and approached NTS Mikedon. Martin, the owner, said yes and installed on at the scene for two weeks, free of charge.


"It brought back a lot of memories," Martin said. "Years ago, I had a coworker whose daughter was murdered here in the city of Houston. They never solved the case."

Thank you Mr Martin. Hopefully this will help.

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