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Thursday, April 18, 2019

The disease of political correctness is spreading and continuing to destroy....

A few days ago I had lunch with a close friend, and we got on the subject of the ban on transexuals in the military. He mentioned how there was a scenario during a command preparation course.

A transexual solder, a born female is claiming to be male. "She/He" walks into the company orderly room and announces "She/He" is pregnant. Do you let the soldier wear maternity uniforms, which are for pregnant females soldiers? The answer is yes, let "him" wear a woman's uniform.

I've said this for ages, we don't need this in the service, we're not here to help someone "find" their true self. We are here, in Douglas MacArthur's immortal words, "to win our wars." And putting people on pins and needles for addressing SGT Smith as "she" or "he," and getting it wrong, destroys cohesion and morale. Not to mention if this libtard dream of having DoD pay for transsexual surgery will encourage people to try to enter, get tax payer funded surgery, then be non-deployable for one to two years.

If you feel like you are a woman born in a man's body, fine. Wear women's clothing, get the "chop-a-dictame" operation, take hormones for the rest of your life, fine. Do it on your own time, and your own dime.

Well, some more of this stupidity has reached the other side of the planet. One of our reliable allies, the Aussies, has a serious PC infection.
A Defence Force slowly dying

Tom Lewis

The Australian Defence Force is shooting itself in the foot over political correctness. But venturing opinions on PC is reminiscent of complaining in the old Soviet Union. It’s a glance over each shoulder before saying a word – to see if the Thought Police are listening; a ‘career-limiting move’.

The recent announcements by both Air Force and Navy that they will consider ‘gender’ in offensive operations is merely the latest bit of virtue-signalling foolishness. Announcements such as ‘The Royal Australian Navy Deputy Fleet Commander has ordered that “all operations and exercises” be conducted with consideration of a “gender perspective”’ are ridiculous. For it’s obvious to anyone with the slightest bit of knowledge of military operations that there is always consideration of the target before offensive operations commence...

...Anyone who’s served for years in the forces knows what it used to be like. Opinions were forthright, sometimes with salty language. But one of the best aspects was that it was a big family – and family fights are common. But it was shoulder to shoulder against the enemy. Serving in a combat zone with the ADF then made you realise how good they were: united with the best in Aussie ingenuity and mateship. That cohesion is disappearing.

Political correctness is setting one member against another. A small coterie have determined to use PC agendas to advance their careers, a habit becoming all too common. One male general decided to wear women’s high heels so he could experience walking a woman’s mile.

General, we don't care if you wear high heels for a mile. How about you push your soldiers, in combat boots, to the point of exhaustion, but make sure they all make it through the 10-15-20 mile course? In case you didn't notice, the men you want in your infantry, were laughing at you. And you don't need that.
Their argument has often been that to meet recruiting targets the forces has to be ‘fully inclusive’ of the community. This is rubbish. Armed forces always have attracted a small part of the communities they represent: people who can cope with the physical and mental demands of deployment to harsh environments, where they will be subject to fierce mental and physical needs. You simply take anyone who can do the job.

I would rather have five qualified men in my fire team then ten quota fills. I would have a much greater chance of living through a firefight with the men who volunteered.
One irony of the present PC situation is that traditionally the armed forces have been the place where everyone was treated equally. It didn’t make any difference whether you were Aboriginal, Greek or short. You were expected to soldier. When society allowed females to be recruited, then they were gone after with enthusiasm. Why not expand your recruiting base by 50 per cent? But Western society then went too far: it insists that there is no difference between females and males in demanding trades such as the infantry – when there clearly is.

Years ago, the Australian Defence Force Academy used to be one of the jewels in the Defence crown. It was everything you expected a university-level entrance to being a young officer to be. Squads of students marched everywhere, heads held high. No officer-instructor was safe from an ‘eyes right’ from the class and a salute from the squad leader. Even though the ranks held all sorts of multinational types: they’d all made the decision to serve their country.

Now, insiders report this university campus is more interested in recruiting students from China and the Middle East; from countries that do not share Australian values – ironically against the ‘inclusion’ mentality of PC. Uniformed staff report habits such as spitting on the formerly sacrosanct grounds, or in the military-manned pools, is now normal. Civilian students talk in overseas languages, walking on the grass in whatever shoddy clothes they like, whilst young officers wear uniform and march on the pavement.

The university has lost its way, coming to be disinterested in Defence and fascinated by the $32 billion international education market. The university is distancing itself from Defence in word and in deed. Where once the slogan was ‘The University of New South Wales at the Australian Defence Force Academy’, now it is ‘UNSW Canberra’...

US Army, see the Infantry School, Ranger School, Armor school. And we will get people killed because of it.

Hopefully Australia can reverse this destruction. With China on the rise, they have threats to handle. And so do we. I can only pray we reverse the damage of the Obama years.

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