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Friday, May 17, 2019

Finally back into vinyl.....

For ages, I've been wanting to put a phonograph of some type in my office, and I finally saw something on Amazon. An all in one player (Records, CDs, AM/FM, cassettes of all things) in a classic Victrola form. I pulled the vinyl from my closet downstairs, and decided faith would decide what record plays first. I grabbed a 45, and got Take Me Home, County Roads, by John Denver.

But I looked further into the stash, and I recalled I "borrowed," over the ages, a few records from my brother Bobby. I found Precious Time by Pat Benatar, the first album I "liberated" from his collection. He was cool with me borrowing them, he knew he could always get them back.

As this is the second anniversary of his passing, I think it's appropriate to play a great song from that album. An appropriately titled album and song on this day, Precious Time. God I miss you Bobby.

Here's to a great weekend.

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