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Saturday, January 1, 2011

What's going on in the World Today 110101

I've heard good reviews about the remake, but sorry, no one does True Grit but the Duke.

Happy New Year!


U.S. Naval Update Map: Dec. 29, 2010 | STRATFOR

Obstacles to Lifting Europe's Arms Embargo Against China | STRATFOR
India, Pakistan: Intelligence Sharing Has Begun December 30, 2010

India’s and Pakistan’s intelligence agencies have begun sharing intelligence, an effort pushed by the Obama administration, Press Trust of India reported Dec. 30. The two countries shared information during the Commonwealth games in October and a November visit to India by U.S. President Barack Obama, according to unnamed diplomatic sources. The details of the information are not being released. The sources said they were confident the countries would continue their steps toward trust. Also, CIA Director Leon Panetta and Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence chief, Lt. Gen. Ahmad Shuja Pasha, reportedly recently met in Washington with the new chief of the Afghan intelligence agency. It was reportedly agreed to include India.

China Security Memo: Dec. 29, 2010 | STRATFOR
China: Russia Begins Oil Pipeline Shipments January 1, 2011

Russia began scheduled oil shipments to China via the Eastern Siberia-Pacific Ocean pipeline (ESPO) with plans to pump 1.3 million tons of oil in January, according to a Transneft spokesman, Reuters reported Jan. 1. Crude flowed to China’s Daqing from Russia’s Skovorodino, the spokesman stated, adding Russia plans to ship 3.68 million tons of oil to China via ESPO between January and March.

Russian Influence and the Changing Baltic Winds | STRATFOR
Iraq: PM Orders Security Forces In Civilian Dress To Track Al Qaeda December 30, 2010

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has ordered deployment of security forces in civilian clothes to track down al Qaeda militants, AKnews reported Dec. 30, citing an unnamed source with the Interior Ministry.


Israel: Iran Is Main Supplier Of Arms To Hamas - Report December 30, 2010
In a year-end report, Israel’s Shin Bet said Iran has continued to serve as Hamas’ main arms supplier throughout 2010, using smuggling routes in Sudan and the Sinai Peninsula, The Jerusalem Post reported Dec. 30. Iran was also instrumental in funding the training of Hamas operatives in Lebanon and Syria, the reported added. Hamas has been trying to re-establish its military infrastructure in the West Bank, specifically in Hebron; however, some of these efforts were thwarted by Israel Defense Forces and Palestinian National Authority forces, according to the report. Though the number of rocket strikes from Gaza into Israel fell to 150 in 2010 from 569 in 2009, the report warned that the Sinai Peninsula is turning into the “backyard” for Hamas operatives, as well as for weapons that can be smuggled into Gaza for use against Israel.

Israel: Gaza Militants To Halt Rockets December 30, 2010

Militant Palestinian groups in the Gaza Strip agreed on Dec. 29 to stop rocket attacks on Israel to avoid “Israeli threats,” a senior Islamic Jihad leader said Dec. 30, DPA reported. However, incursions and confronting raids will continue, he said. He called the halt temporary and “linked to the situation on the ground.”

Afghanistan: Military Operation To Be Launched In West December 30, 2010

Afghan and foreign military forces will launch an operation against the Taliban in the country’s western provinces, Afghan Islamic Press reported Dec. 30. The Afghan chief of army staff, Gen. Sher Mohammad Karimi, and the Afghan deputy interior minister met International Security Assistance Force commanders, informed sources in Herat province said. After assessing the security situation in the west, the officials decided on the military operation.

A Week in the War: Afghanistan, Dec. 22-28, 2010 | STRATFOR

Afghanistan: Taliban Leader Reportedly Killed
December 31, 2010
A top Taliban commander reportedly was killed in an operation in northern Afghanistan’s Chahar Dara district, AP reported Dec. 31, citing local officials. NATO said an insurgent was killed and several suspects were detained in the operation but that the person who was killed had not yet been identified. District chief Abdul Wahid Omarkhel and a spokesman for the Kunduz governor said the operation killed Maulvi Bahadar, the acting Taliban shadow governor in Kunduz. NATO also announced that one of its servicemen was killed in southern Afghanistan.




Except where noted courtesy www.stratfor.com

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