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Monday, February 24, 2020

An awesome sendoff for a K9 Down

I routinely post on Officers and K9s who have passed in the line of duty. One recent K9 who fell while chasing a wanted felon, was K9 Hondo of the Herriman City UT Police Department. A local body shop was asked to prepare a casket for this fur missile, and the results are out the park.
K9 Hondo will be buried in customized casket after suffering line of duty death
The police service dog was shot and killed trying to apprehend a wanted suspect

HERRIMAN, Utah – A Utah paint shop that specializes in motorcycles and classic cars has designed a customized casket for a fallen police service dog, K9 Hondo of the Herriman Police Department.
The police service dog (PSD) was shot while apprehending a fugitive in Salt Lake City on February 13. K9 Hondo suffered a gunshot wound to the sternum and passed at a nearby veterinary hospital.

“They asked if we could get something together since we have done work on their motorcycles before,” John Ward, owner of Rawtin Garage, told CNN.

Twenty-four hours later, Rawtin revealed the special casket. Its custom design, all hand painted or airbrushed, included a portrait of Hondo wearing his police harness.

“What an honor it was to paint a hero’s casket,” the garage posted on Facebook...

...Hondo, a 7-year-old Belgian Malinois, was trained in Europe before beginning his police career in 2015, CNN reported...

Mr Ward, thank you for some excellent work, and supporting your local police during a rough time.

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