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Friday, February 21, 2020

In the Air Tonight...

It’s actually pretty nice. In the 50s, crisp, cigar and whiskey time.

Took Friday off, it’s been a week. But I finished reading Indianapolis, and should finish Starship Troopers this weekend. And one daughter has a birthday tomorrow. And two nephews Sunday. So the social calendar is filled.

I saw Phil Collins in New Orleans back in 2003, on his First Final Farewell Tour. The stage had a set of drums, he walks out with a set of sticks, and starts to go on a banging solo. After five minutes, another set and drummer come up from stage left. Five more minutes, a third set and drummer, stage right. Fifteen minutes of nothing but drums, then he started singing. Awesome!

He got to his signature hit about half way through the concert, and I thank God I got this off my bucket list. Ladie and Gentlement, Phil Collins.

Have a great weekend.

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