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Saturday, November 16, 2019

God I miss this man more and more as the years go on...

Reagan was the first candidate I voted for in 1984, and I was always proud of that. Over the years I've gone between elections where I voted "for" a canidate (George HW Bush 88, GW Bush 00) to against the opposition (McCain 00, Trump 16). But I've always been proud of this, a nineteen year old being able to vote. God bless America! I remember when I found out he had passed, and for the first of many times, unashamedly wept in my patrol vehicle.

Last week I was the 30th Anniversary of the opening of the Berlin Wall, and these words still stir today:

I was looking on YouTube and found an interview, Tom Brokaw with the outgoing president, on my 24th birthday of all days. Really interesting, and he mentions how, even in 1989, how college students were ignorant of who's side Hilter was on in World War II (20.00), and the lack of civics in "modern" culture (19:00). Good lord he would be shocked today with the idiots who have grown up hating the country and society that has made them a fortune. He does mention he would campaign to eliminate the two term limit on the president. I will respectfully disagree, if anything, it must be put on the Congress and a form of it on the judges, but another issue for another day.

RIP President Reagan. God we need you now.

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