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Sunday, January 20, 2013

And the slow painful journey downwards continues.

I hoped B Hussein Obama would be finished his transition and heading back to the hellhole of Chicago right now but a combination of a poor Republican candidate and an enthused group of Obamaites insures our country (and literally the planet) suffers decline for at least the next four years.

So over the next four years as taxes skyrocket, part time employment with no benefits becomes “the new normal”, Muslim extremists secure one previously allied nation after another in the Middle East chocking off our energy supplies while his cabinet secretaries proclaims, in a giddy fashion to have his “boot on the neck” of our energy suppliers and keeping us from our natural resources, the federal government secures more and more of the private sector, healthcare rationing by government body is put into place and metastases into the bureaucracy, inflation destroys the dollar and savings and meanwhile greedy liberals look to raid private retirement accounts, private gun owners are harrassed while criminals go unpunished, our military is hollowed out, our space program is dead, entitlements eat more and more of our nation’s income until the dollar is no longer the world’s reserve currently but a joke, I can at least say to my fellow Americans three words.


As a sign of this I’ve posted my Romney/Ryan sign in my front yard on the 20th and 21st of January, Year of Our Lord 2013. I’ll repost it from time to time as B Hussein Obama goes along his route of destruction, oh, excuse me, fundamentally transforming America.

Or maybe I’ll post it whenever Joe Bite-Me says something stupid. Wait, that will be from now till he’s in the ground.

God Help America!

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