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Sunday, October 22, 2023

America has only three cities: New York, San Francisco, and New Orleans.


Everywhere else is Cleveland.


Tennessee Williams

A couple of weekends back my wife and I traveled back to New Orleans for my high school reunion. God where did forty years go? As we are getting older, we are contemplating where to retire to, and occasionally going back to our hometown of New Orleans comes up. The three F’s, family, friends, and food are mighty attractive. 


Then we spend time back in the New Orleans area. While the attractions are still there, we know we will not retire in Louisiana. And that is a shame. There are great places to eat, the New Orleans zoo and aquarium are incredible, and if you have not seen the World War II Museum, do so, and do it now. A lot of the vets are hanging out over there, and the fact is they are passing on every day. 


But the crime, corruption, and politics are too much. The New Orleans Police Department is over tasked and undermanned, the local “leaders” are worthless, and crime is out of control. For a city of 390K, it’s already had 166 murders, and it might be a reason to celebrate. This time last year it was around 200. In comparison Houston TX, population 2.3M, has had 288 homicides in 2023.


As a rule I don’t wish that anyone become the victim of crime. But for some people, let’s just call it reality therapy. A man named Jason Williams learned that a week ago.


Jason Williams is the District Attorney of Orleans Parish, LA. He’s the “chief law enforcement” officer of the city of New Orleans. He’s a Soros backed criminal justice and bail “reform” advocate. In other words, he doesn’t want to prosecute criminals. Well, some of the dudes he thought should not be in jail thanked him for his service to the criminal community.


District Attorney Jason Williams and his mother carjacked at gunpoint in New Orleans


NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Orleans Parish District Attorney Jason Williams and his 78-year-old mother were carjacked at gunpoint Monday night (Oct. 16) in New Orleans, his spokesman said.


“OPDA confirms that DA Williams and his 78-year-old mother were carjacked at gunpoint as he was helping her into a car,” office spokesman Keith Lampkin said in response to questions from Fox 8.


“DA Williams and his mother were unharmed and both thank the NOPD for their hard work tonight and every night responding to crime victims.”


The New Orleans Police Department says two armed suspects demanded Williams’ black Lincoln Navigator around 10 p.m. in the 1000 block of Race Street in the Lower Garden District…


…Fox 8 spoke again with an emotional Williams at his office Tuesday just before noon. He said the masked suspects did not appear to be juveniles. He said they brandished high-powered automatic weapons and made off with some of his mother’s belongings.


I wonder if Mr. Williams ever though other victims of carjacking, juggling, and other aggravated crimes would be emotional? Maybe, Mr. Williams, you should consider that next time the case of a a thug with a criminal record comes before your office. Perhaps you should think, “Well, he’s already out on 5 five felony bonds, and is suspect in three other aggravated cases, maybe we should ask for remand finally.” 


I doubt it, but one can always hope. 

Metropolitan Crime Commission president Rafael Goyeneche agreed with the DA that Williams and his mother are lucky to be alive.


“We’ve seen some carjackings that have ended in homicide,” Goyeneche said…


Williams said his mother is still reliving the terror that unfolded within a matter of seconds near his home. He said those traumatic seconds can change crime victims’ lives forever.


“I think it’s important to reiterate that my mother and I are just a small fraction of the number of people impacted by violence in this city,” he said. “We have to collectively work on crime-prevention efforts, policing efforts and our prosecution efforts.”

You don’t say. Tell me Mr. Williams, how many other mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, etc. relive that every day. It’s a lot. There were 144 carjackings in New Orleans as of August 2023, which is down from 259 in the same time in 2022. Improving, yes, but many are not reported, and still a lot for a city of less than 400K.


There is something interesting at the bottom of the article: 

The NOPD said the same three suspects carjacked a 22-year-old woman about 30 minutes later, just over a half-mile away in the 1800 block of Baronne Street. Her stolen Honda Civic was also recovered.

You mean the same criminals committed multiple crimes? Who would have thunk it? The answer is anyone with a two-digit IQ. Not to mention, the thug who did it: 

Man arrested in DA Jason Williams carjacking, tells police 'y'alls people' were the victims


New Orleans police arrested a man in the Monday night carjacking of Orleans Parish District Attorney Jason Williams in the Lower Garden District after detectives tracked a pickup allegedly used in that carjacking and a second one the same night.


The details of the arrest of Raymond Rochon, 18, are contained in police records filed this morning in Orleans Parish Criminal District Court. With the single arrest, police also cleared at least three other auto-related crimes they say took place over the course of this year across the city…


…Less than 30 minutes later and just a few blocks away, the same blue pickup truck pulled up alongside a woman in the 1800 block of Baronne Street. Two masked men demanded the woman’s Honda Civic at gunpoint, according to the records. She was not injured… 


…He (Rochon) would soon tell police that he knew why they'd been able to find him so quickly, according to the records. As a detective was reading Rochon his Miranda rights, he allegedly said: "I know why y'all are here," according to the records. "Y'alls people" had been "got…"


…According to police records, Rochon has also been connected to at least three other car thefts beginning in April…


… Rochon is additionally charged with illegal possession of a firearm because he was armed with a handgun when police arrested him Tuesday…

 That’s about right. Thank God the lady with the Civic is OK. But look at this one thug, eighteen years old (sorry mom, but your boy ain’t going to Harvard) and he’s already charged with multiple felonies. And he’s not the only street thug out there praying on innocent people. 


Mr. Williams, you, like many Soros backed radical district attorneys, need to decide what matters. Doing your duty by enforcing the law and separating the citizens from the criminal class. Or getting the money for Soros to keep your job. 


Knowing New Orleans, I think I know what’s going to happen. A hell of a shame. A very unique city is on the way down, and no sign it’s going to stop dropping.