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Sunday, May 19, 2024

Again, Calm Down. Let The Process Proceed.

An officer involved shooting has the usual race baiters excited. We need to let the investigation proceed and determine the facts. 

I noticed just over a week ago the coverage of the shooting death of an Air Force airman by a sheriff’s deputy in Florida. The basic facts are fairly straight forward. The deputy responded to a call about a disturbance in an apartment complex. After an initial interview with the caller, he walks up to an apartment and knocks a total of three times. 


The first time, he knocked without announcing who he was, and stepped aside of the door. The last two, he clearly announced, “Sheriff’s office, open the door!” and was in front of the door. Presumedly he was visible to the tenant inside of the apartment.


Upon opening the door, the deputy did see a man with a pistol in his right hand, pointed down. The deputy immediately drew his weapon and fired multiple shots. The deputy requested an ambulance for the man, but he unfortunately died later at the hospital.


Now, what do we know at this moment. The deputy was called for a disturbance. And yes, this was a homicide, an unnatural man caused death. Was it a criminal act? Was it murdermanslaughter, or a justified use of deadly force? That is to be determined. 


How are we to judge this deputy on his actions. First, I would say as I’ve said countless times after a police shooting, calm down. The investigation is a complicated process and needs to proceed. The video is not the whole incident and the entire investigation will not be determined by it. 


A few years back I was one of over 200 cops on a police shooting which was initially believed to be justified operation. Further investigation showed the lead investigator had falsified his statements to get a warrant. A disaster to put it politely, but not obvious from the preliminary investigation.


The initial impression that gets rioters into the street is usually not the full truth. Remember the greatest lie of the 21st Century, “Hands Up! Don’t Shoot!” Dozens of “witnesses” said Officer Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown for absolutely no reason, that he was surrendering to the officer with his hands up. They swore Brown never got close to Wilson. 


When the forensics came back showing power residue from Wilson’s gun on Brown, Brown’s blood in Wilson’s patrol car, and the entry wounds on the “top” of Brown’s arms, not the “bottom,” it showed their statements were not “accurate.” The witnesses quickly revised them to preclude the perjury charges. 


We have had multiple controversial police shootings over the last fifteen years and some have shown the officer’s actions justified (e.g. Brown, Adam Toledo), and some unjustified (Walter Scott). Where do we go with this case? Again, we let the process proceed. Each of the cases I’ve listed showed that competent investigation is required for the judicial system to work. 


Multiple times I’ve written how a defendant  walks into a courtroom, and only the jury can make his guilty in the eyes of the law. That is western jurisprudence. But let’s  not let the foundation of legal theory come in the way of a race riot.  


The usual race baiters have jumped on the case, determined to make a name (and lots of money) on this incident. Racial shyster Benjamin Crump was quickly on the scene, mis-stating (I’ll give him the benefit of a doubt) the deputy knocked on the wrong door. The video below shows he was at the correct door. 


Both Crump and Al Sharpton are now involved in this case, and those two should make anyone suspicious. They are only interested in money, power and fame. If a riot ensues, so be it. 


Again, let the justice system work its way out. We don’t need another “Hands Up! Don’t Shoot!” We don’t need another summer of riots. And that is what people like Crump and Sharpton long for.