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Thursday, March 31, 2022

The PDRK is at it again…

Ages ago, I worked for a grocery store in New Orleans called Schwegmann’s. At some point they opened a store in Slidell, a suburb right next to the Mississippi border. And soon the parking lot was filled with vehicles with Mississippi license plates. Wonder why? Well it has nothing to do with fruits, veggies and meat, but ethyl alcohol.

Mississippi has fairly strict alchol sales law, were liquor can only be sold in “package stores,” and they can’t be open on Sunday. Louisiana, on the other hand, is rather open about alcohol sales. Anywhere in the New Orleans area (Some parishes are different), you can pick up a bottle of Jack Daniels at 330am Sunday. So  if you were living on the Mississippi gulg coast, a few minutes drive is no problem for people wanting alcohic beverages after church. 

It's a lesion that some people refuse to learn. You make things more expensive, people, i.e., the comsumer, will try to get is cheaper. Well, the People’s Democratic Republic of Kalifornia (PDRK) is showing us again, why they a rotting from inside.

California residents facing high gas prices drive to Mexico to fill their tanks.

TIJUANA — Claudia Jessica Villarreal used to fill up her gray Nissan Pathfinder near her home in Chula Vista, Calif. Then Russia invaded Ukraine and gasoline prices went bonkers. The 54-year-old psychologist soon discovered a bargain.

A dozen miles south, just across the U.S.-Mexico border in Tijuana, regular gas sells for an average of $3.96 a gallon — nearly $2 less than in California.

She was in Tijuana on Wednesday to take her children to a doctor’s appointment, so it wasn’t a big deal to swing by the Santa Fe gas station on Salinas Boulevard to fill up. But she’s also been making special trips.

“I swear, I’ve been coming once a week,” she said. “I cross when I can...”

...Now banners at Mexican gas stations in Tijuana flaunt their prices with signs like “Cheaper than in the U.S.A.!”...

Run the numbers. If I fill up every week, I drive a few extra minutes, and I have a twelve gallon tank. If I use the Mexican station, I put ten in, I can save almost $20.00 dollars a week. That’s over $1000.00 a year.

But don’t worry, Gruesome Newsom is riding in to save the day.

...In California, Gov. Gavin Newsom on Wednesday released details of a proposal to pay vehicle owners $400 for each car or truck they have registered in the state. The plan, which would cost $11 billion, also includes grants to offer free or reduced public transit...

Now what would be more effective than giving people $400.00 a year for gas over the year, or giving them a bus pass? How about you increase the supply of gas in your state! Increase drilling off shore and stop requiring gasoline blends for the PDRK only.

...Back in Tijuana, Patricia Saharagui, a spokesperson for the Rendichicas gas station chain, estimated that its locations near the border have seen a 6% increase in sales in the month since the war began. She welcomed Californians.

“It’s an opportunity for them to come and try,” she said. “It also shows them how in Mexico we also have good-quality gasoline.”

The chain has begun a digital campaign to promote its lower prices. “Don’t worry be happy in Tijuana,” one advertisement says in pink block letters.

At one Rendichicas station, about half the cars that pulled in had California license plates. Unlike California stations, where people pump their own gas, Mexican ones are full-service...

...One customer was 48-year-old Mónica López, who drove down from Chula Vista and filled up at pump No. 1.

“I worry a lot” about gas prices, she said. “The drastic rise in the price of gas affects all of us.”

No, it doesn’t affect “all” of us. Ask multi-millionaire Stevie Colbert about being able to pay $15.00 a gallon, "Today, the average gas price in America hit an all-time record high of over $4 per gallon. OK, that stings, but a clean conscience is worth a buck or two. It's important. I'm willing to pay $4 a gallon. Hell, I'll pay $15 a gallon because I drive a Tesla.'  All the pain and suffering for “saving the planet” will be inflicted on you, not them. Remember, Obama and Biden will never drive an electric vehicle (Or drive period) for the rest of their life.

The station also benefits from sales to locals who used to fill their tanks in the United States, including Doyma Torres, a 61-year-old Uber driver.

“Horrible. It’s very bad, very high.... That’s why we’re filling up here,” she said. “If it stays this way, excellent, it’s convenient for us.”

Now that she fills up on the Mexican side of the border, she does far fewer Uber trips in the United States...

Something else to remember. Gas stations make little off the sale of fuel. They make a fortune on the food, drinks, etc. They are higher price there than a grocery store because you are paying for the convenience of getting in and out. Just like when people locked down during Covid, not tanking up was a hit for the gas stations. But not buying your cup of coffee and donut on the way to work was killing them.

Not that Gruesome Newsom, or the other other libtards cares. He knows he’s pis riding in to save the day, and controlling you, because you can’t be trusted to do the right thing. It’s OK, you don’t know what to do, they will control you like the good children you are.

Never forget, that is what they want. Not service, control.


Tuesday, March 29, 2022

College. Worth Less Than I Thought.

A few months back I was reading an article in Medium, an online column site. I only subscribe because a close friend started writing for them last year and I love her writing. Well last fall I was reading a column and the author was criticizing the recent space flight by William Shatner on Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin, and the company itself. He saw it as a massive waste of money, and he should use it for something more useful, like “funding a college.” 

My immediate response is normally, “It’s Bezos’s money, he can do with it what he wants.” However, the more I thought of it, the more I realized the last thing he needed to do was spend money on a college. God knows we have enough, and their only purpose as of right now is to radicalize young people and indebt them to the federal government for hundreds of thousands of dollars with no useful skills.

A classic example, an “institution of higher learning” in New York, will have its students lectured by…ready…a convicted cop killer:


Paroled cop killer asked to give speech at university; officer’s widow objects "I would not like to see the school besmirched by hosting a brutal killer of police officers,” said Diane Piagentini, whose husband and a second officer were ambushed in 1971


Jalil Muntaqim, formerly known as Anthony Bottom, was convicted in 1971 for the ambush killings of two NYPD officers: Piagentini and Officer Waverly Jones. Bottom, 70, served nearly 50 years in prison before he was paroled in 2020. Bottom was sentenced to 25 years to life alongside his co-defendant, Herman Bell. 


Recently, Bottom was invited to be a guest speaker at SUNY Brockport, a university in western New York state, according to CBS News. SUNY Brockport later said it would change the event to a virtual format after weeks of controversy, the report said… 

…At a Long Island rally on Sunday, Piagentini and several NYPD police unions called for the virtual event to be canceled. 


"I would not like to see the school besmirched by hosting a brutal killer of police officers who will mislead the students by portraying himself as a political prisoner and freedom fighter," Piagentini told News 12.  

Respectfully Mrs. Piagentini, the university can’t be besmirched worse then they have already despoiled themselves. More on that in a minute.

SUNY Brockport so far has not canceled the event, citing First Amendment rights. The school says a private donor will be paying Bottom for his expected appearance on April 6, according to Rochester First. The parolee was invited to speak by a school faculty member. 

One, the First Amendment has nothing to do with this. This felon is free to say anything he wants to. A public university (Or any institution for that matter) is under no obligation to provide him a venue. He wants to speak, fine, let him go to a park or “free speech zone” on the campus and let him speak. Two, why is he being paid for anything? He wants to complain on how he was framed (What a shock, a convicted cop murderer swears he never did it), he can do it at the next BLM rally or other riot. And the fact a “faculty member” invites this POS to the university tell you all you need to know about the college. That any member of the faculty also shows this university needs to be closed and turned into vo-tech school. Or a waste dump.


Now I wondered why this murderous thug was being invited to speak to the students. A few minutes searching was enough to find out. From the university president:

Statement Regarding Jalil Muntaqim Event

On April 6, Jalil Muntaqim, previously known as Anthony Bottom, will be at the SUNY Brockport campus to deliver a talk entitled, “History of Black Resistance, U.S. Political Prisoners & Genocide: A Conversation with Jalil Muntaqim.” He was invited by one of our faculty members who was approved for a Promoting Excellence in Diversity grant.

Mr. Muntaqim joined the Black Panther Party at age 16 and the Black Liberation Army at 18. In 1971, he was convicted in the killing of two New York City Police Officers. He spent nearly 50 years in prison for this crime before being released on parole in 2020. 

The College has received strong feedback about this visit. Some are outraged that a man who has been convicted of such crimes was invited onto campus. Others look forward to the opportunity to learn about Mr. Muntaqim’s experiences.

We do not support the violence exhibited in Mr. Muntaqim’s previous crimes, and his presence on campus does not imply endorsement of his views or past actions. However, we believe in freedom of speech. SUNY Brockport has routinely held speaking events involving controversial speakers from various background and viewpoints, and will continue to do so. These conversations are uncomfortable. They are meant to be. 

They’re about gaining a new perspective…

“New perspective?” Like why he murdered two officers, one a black man (I wonder if BLM will have issues with that?), and was involved with the murder of a third. From the Officer Down Memorial Page:

Patrolmen Joseph Piagentini and Waverly Jones were shot and killed while on foot patrol in the Colonial Park Houses.. They were ambushed by members of the Black Liberation Army. 


As the two patrolmen were returning to their cruiser…three suspects snuck up behind them and opened fire. Patrolman Jones was struck in the back of the head and killed instantly. Patrolman Piagentini was shot 13 times and succumbed to his injuries en route to the hospital.


One of the suspects stole Patrolman Jones' weapon which was later recovered in San Francisco, California after several BLA members opened fire on a San Francisco, police officer. 


Two of the suspects, along with five others, were also involved in the murder of Sergeant John Victor Young of the San Francisco Police Department on August 29th, 1971… 

You want to expose your students and others to the “perspective” of others, in this case a convicted capital murderer. OK, if  Shawn Allen Berry is paroled in the future, will you invite him to give his view on the murder of James Byrd? How about the viewpoint of Patrick Crusius? He murdered 22 and injured 26 in a racially motived attack, sounds like his opinions need airing. Zoom is a wonderful thing for airing views like this. Zephen Allen Xaver murdered 5 people in Florida, he should fit right in for sharing his views.


Higher education has been decaying for decades, and this is a classic example. Bringing Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton to speak is one thing. I’ll give them this, they have not shot anyone. But if a university will invite and pay a convicted murderer to speak to its students, allow others students to skip school for that day due to them being made uncomfortable, shows how low our once great higher education system has sunk. I said this about an abandoned strip club used by junkies, and it applies to SUNY Brockport. There is nothing wrong there that can’t be fixed with some gasoline and a match. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Officer Down



Detention Deputy Charles Otis Pugh, II
Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office, Florida
End of Watch Tuesday, August 18, 2020
Age 40
Tour 6 years
Badge 653
Cause COVID19
Incident Date Saturday, July 11, 2020

Detention Deputy Charles Pugh died after contracting COVID-19 following a confirmed exposure in the Santa Rosa County Jail.

Deputy Pugh had served with the Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office for five years and had previously served with the Florida Department fo Corrections for one year. He is survived by his wife and two children.

Rest in Peace Bro…We Got The Watch

Nemo me impune lacessit

Day is done, Gone the sun, From the lake, From the hills, From the sky. All is well, Safely rest, God is nigh.

Saturday, March 12, 2022

Is this really needed? Theatrical and legal eyewash.

A few months ago I caught an interview on 60 Minutes with Rita Moreno. She's back in the headlines because she is staring in Steven Spielberg’s remake of Westside Story. No shock, Hollywood is sucking on originality right now. Dragging out a movie or television series to infinity used to be the purview of Star TrekStar Wars, or Law and Order. But I found this interesting, Mr. Spielberg is producing is in for the struggle: 

In Steven Spielberg's version of "West Side Story," Moreno plays Valentina, the widow of Doc, who owned the candy store in the original. She's also an executive producer of the film being released December 10. 


Steven Spielberg: She's part of the ensemble… 


…Steven Spielberg: I wanted her to really, you know, bridge the legacy of "West Side Story" and to inspire our young cast. 


And unlike the first movie, Spielberg set a mandate that all Puerto Rican characters be played by Hispanic actors.

Rita Moreno was cast as a Latina in the original version of this movie, and the production company used makeup to brown her skin. This is not the first example of Hollywood's prejudice showing:

Warner Orland, a Swedish-American actor, played Charlie Chan, an American of Chinese descent, in seven movies in the 1930s and 1940s. As his white skin didn’t fit into an Asian American character, the producers applied brown face.


Katherine Hepburn was cast in Dragon Seed, with brownface and “faux-Asian prosthetics.’ 


Laurence Olivier, as white an actor that ever was on the screen, played a black lead character in 1965’s Othello.  

 Not to say using white actors in non-white roles has stopped: 

Short Circuit (1986) and Short Circuit II (1988), with Fisher Stevens playing an Indian engineer.


Carlito’s Way (1993), Al Pacino playing a Puerto-Rican Carlito.


The Human Stain (2003), Sir Anthony Hopkins playing a black lead character.


Star Trek Into Darkness (2013), with Benedict Cumberbatch played Khan, in a pitiful revision of Star Trek II, The Wrath of Khan (1982) (Yes, personal opinion there, but see comments above about running it till it’s dry. Even for Hollywood it was bad).

But back to the 60 Minutes interview with Ms. Moreno, and the point Mr. Spielberg made of his directive that all Puerto Rican rolls be filled with Hispanic actors. Last time I checked, this is 2022. Is that really necessary? 


The only people I see in black face these days are politicians like Ralph Northam and Justin Trudeau, plus liberal actors like Ted Danson, Jimmy Kimmel,  and Joy Behar. Not to mention Hollywood has multiple A-List Hispanic actors now. Jennifer Lopez, Sofia Vergara, Eugenio Derbez, Eva Longoria, Penelope Cruz, and George Lopez, just to name a few. Is there a real issue here that the producer needs to virtue signal “We will use only Hispanic actors in these Puerto Rican rolls…” Steve, maybe the problem is not the American people, but you and you friends needing to prove you’re not prejudice? 


Brings up another example of “Do we really need this?” The country has a major inflation crisis, oil prices are exploding, the federal government is hampering our ability to produce energy, the budget is exploding and out of control, the Russian-Ukrainian War may explode to other nations, China is looking at the US as weak and indecisive, the retreat from Afghanistan was a disaster, the North Koreans are getting more aggressive, so what is the Congress worried about. Making lynching a federal crime.


House passes Emmett Till Anti-lynching Act with overwhelmingly bipartisan support


(CNN) — The House's overwhelming support of legislation that would make lynching a federal hate crime directly addresses the history of racism and bigotry in the US, the bill's sponsor said.


Lawmakers passed the Emmett Till Anti-lynching Act on Monday in a 422-3 majority. A similar bill was first introduced by Democratic Rep. Bobby Rush of Illinois two years ago but was then blocked by the Senate in February 2020 following the murder of Ahmaud Arbery.


Anti-lynching legislation is not a new proposal on the House floor. Rush said there have been more than 200 attempts to pass federal anti-lynching law.


Rush said in a statement that the anti-lynching legislation will prosecute lynching "when a conspiracy to commit a hate crime results in death or serious bodily injury." A perpetrator can receive a maximum of 30 years in prison under this act in addition to any other federal crimes the perpetrator might commit.


"Today is a day of enormous consequence for our nation," Rush said. "By passing my Emmett Till Anti-lynching Act, the House has sent a resounding message that our nation is finally reckoning with one of the darkest and most horrific periods of our history, and that we are morally and legally committed to changing course…"

Where to start with this stupidity? Lynching is already illegal. It’s called murder, and it’s illegal in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and all federal reservations (e.g. military bases). 


Under this act, lynching is a “hate crime” punishable by up to thirty years in federal prison. The federal government (and the military) has the death penalty for murder. Also 27 states have capital punishment for murder. Does Mr. Rush expect us to take a corpse and put it into a federal prison for 30 years after they are dead? (Sorry, I should not give this moron any ideas!)


Is lynching a real issue these days? Since 1950, there have been a total of twelve lynchings in the US (More black men will be murdered in Chicago, LA, or Houston over any given weekend in the US).  The last documented lynching of a black man occurred in 1981. Two white men hanged a black man in Mobile AL. They were caught, charged, tried, convicted, and the primary murderer was executed in 1997. Of interest, the Southern Poverty Law Center used this crime as a basis to sue the KKK and bankrupted the organization. 


The only crime that approaches a lynching sinch this is arguably the June 1998 murder of James Byrd in Jasper TX. Byrd was kidnapped, assaulted, his ankles were chained to a pickup hitch, and he was dragged three miles to his death. After the three suspects were arrested, the Texas Legislature appropriated one million dollars  to Jasper County to pay for three capital murder trials. Of the three murders, two were sentenced to death (Both have since been executed), one to life in prison. Again the question, how does an anti-lynching law help the cause of justice here? 

This eyewash makes me recall something from Ronald Reagan. He reportedly said his greatest mistake as governor of the (former) state of California is signing off on full time state legislators. Texas has a part time legislature, it meets every two years for one-hundred forty days (And a consensus is it would be better if it met every one-hundred forty years for two days), its members are paid $15,000 a year (Plus per-diem when the Legislature is in session), as well as staff/office cost. So these people must have “real” jobs. If you want to see that happens when you have legislators with nothing to do? Look at DC, New York, and the People’s Democratic Republic of Kalifornia.


Back to the Congress and it’s job. The House of Representatives has one function in life. To pass a budget by April 15th. It has not (under both Democratic and GOP control) executed that function since 2011. But it can find time for eyewash like this. With the world going off a cliff like it is, Joe, Nancy and Chuck are rearranging the deck chairs, and Kamala is fiddling and cackling away. 


God help us all.





Friday, March 11, 2022

And I still Love Rock'N'Roll

Beth and I saw Trans-Siberian Orchestra during Christmas 2011 (?), and we were floored by their preformance. If you've not seen them, go when you can.

Haven't seen Joan Jett yet, but she is on my bucket list. Like Bob Seger, Phil Collins, Pat Benetar and Meatloaf, gotta see Joan and the Blackhearts. We're going to see Sir Paul McCarthy this year. Hey, on the of two remainig Beetles, can't pass that up

While I was surfing YouTube, found this New Year's Eve concert in Cleveland. What a combo. Joan Jett and TSO. Enjoy!

Have a great weekend.

Officer Down

Corrections Officer V Herbert James Garcia
Texas Department of Criminal Justice - Correctional Institutions Division, Texas
End of Watch Monday, August 17, 2020
Age 57
Tour 29 years

Corrections Officer V Herbert Garcia died after contracting COVID-19 during an outbreak among staff and inmates at the Terrell Unit.

Officer Garcia had served with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice for 29 years and was assigned to the Southern Regional Transportation Unit. He is survived by his three children.

Rest in Peace Bro…We Got The Watch

Nemo me impune lacessit

Day is done, Gone the sun, From the lake, From the hills, From the sky. All is well, Safely rest, God is nigh.

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Officer Down


Lieutenant Maybelle W. Hendricks
Ridgeville Police Department, South Carolina
End of Watch Monday, August 17, 2020
Lieutenant Maybelle Hendricks died after contracting COVID-19 while on duty.
Age 70
Tour 39 years

Lieutenant Hendricks had served in law enforcement for 39 years. Prior to serving with the Ridgeville Police Department, she had served with the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office, Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office, St. George Police Department, Summerville Police Department, and Colleton County Sheriff’s Office. She is survived by her three children, seven grandchildren, one great-grandchild, and six siblings.
Rest in Peace Sis…We Got The Watch

Nemo me impune lacessit

Day is done, Gone the sun, From the lake, From the hills, From the sky. All is well, Safely rest, God is nigh.

Monday, March 7, 2022

Officer Down


Police Officer Bobby Rodriguez Montgomery Memphis Police Department, Tennessee End of Watch Sunday, August 16, 2020 Age 45 Tour 17 years Cause COVID19 Incident Date Wednesday, July 29, 2020 Police Officer Bobby Montgomery died from complications as the result of contracting COVID-19 while on duty.

Officer Montgomery had served with the Memphis Police Department for 17 years and was assigned to the Tillman Station. He is survived by his wife and three children.
Rest in Peace Bro…We Got The Watch Nemo me impune lacessit Day is done, Gone the sun, From the lake, From the hills, From the sky. All is well, Safely rest, God is nigh. 

Friday, March 4, 2022

Officer Down



Lieutenant Aldemar Rengifo, Jr.
Broward County Sheriff's Office, Florida
End of Watch Sunday, August 16, 2020
Age 47
Tour 20 years, 7 months
Badge L-333
Cause COVID19
Lieutenant Aldemar Rengifo died after contracting COVID-19 during an exposure while on duty. Lieutenant Rengifo had served with the Broward County Sheriff's Office for 20 years. He is survived by his wife and son.
Rest in Peace Bro…We Got The Watch Nemo me impune lacessit Day is done, Gone the sun, From the lake, From the hills, From the sky. All is well, Safely rest, God is nigh. 

Thursday, March 3, 2022

Putin is going to the dogs...

I love dogs, but I haven't been able to have one most of my life. I was single till I was in my 40s, so I've had cats. You can leave them alone for a few days without issue. When I got married, we adopted a Sheppard-Lab mix named Elmer. A couple of years later we got a stray Puggle and named him Bugs. Unfortunately Bugs passed on from pancreatitis a year ago, and we miss him terribly. I've also loved K9s and the dogs of other friends and family. 

And I really don't like people who mistreat dogs (pets in general). I really hate people who buy strong willed dogs like Pit Bulls or German Sheppards, then ignore them. Dogs need discipline and training. Without which they go wild, and in some cases can be a thret to others. Last year I used my pistol for the first time, and it was for a charging Pit Bull. I would have preferred to shot the owner. 

I was listening to Mark Levin and he referenced a report from the American Spectator. Vlad Putin, Biden's BFF, likes to show off his masculinity. I would say toxic masculinity, but masculinity is not toxic. In this case, the man is toxic. But he mentioned an article on how Putin keeps a number of large dogs, and apparently likes to use them to intimidate his visitors. Especially the ones from the west:
Vladimir Putin has an assortment of hounds. Think “Hound of the Baskervilles” sort of hounds. Among them are some of the meanest, nastiest mongrels you’ve ever seen. These aren’t cuddly lapdogs or yipping dachshunds or happy little puppies with names like “Checkers.” No, these are ferocious attack dogs. 

In behavior strange even by Russian macho standards, Putin seems to maintain these creatures as extensions of his manliness, and he measures unmanliness by those intimidated by his beasts. He has applied this beastly standard to several world leaders, including one of our own, President Barack Obama.
I first heard of this Putin–dog thing from a former student who went on to run a very successful international consulting firm, and whom I must leave nameless for reasons that will be obvious. I’ll call him “John.” 

He advises foreign governments, and has met prime ministers of Britain, India, the German chancellor, and others. 

One day in the summer of 2014, John went to Moscow for meetings with top Russian officials in the Kremlin...John was in a meeting with three other Americans and six or seven Russians. One of these Russians John had met in Washington several weeks prior. John was bewildered that this particular Russian had made a big deal about President Barack Obama’s dog, Bo, a friendly, playful creature that the Russian dismissed contemptuously as a wimpy and unmanly dog. He intimated that this made Obama wimpy and unmanly... 
Barrack Hussein Obama mmm mmm mmm is wimpy and unmanly, dog or not. ...
He asked John repeatedly, incredulously why this president would have such a weak and unimpressive dog. John said he really didn’t know, didn’t think it was a big deal, and tried to move on. 

...Circle back to the summer meeting in Moscow, at the Kremlin...John was taken aback at the sight of none other than Vladimir Putin himself suddenly darkening the room...Putin walked up to John, and the Americans and said to them in his expressionless voice, “Come with me, I want to show you something.” John didn’t need to wait for the translation. He told his colleagues, “Let’s go. He wants to show us something.”


...the grimacing Putin showed them roughly 10 of the fiercest-looking canines that John had ever seen. There were restrained in large cages. Putin then looked at the Americans and said simply and sternly, “This is what a real dog looks like. Tell your president.”


...There was a lot of meaning in this — about Russians, about Putin, and about Putin’s views of his lesser adversaries...


Not surprising. Putin wasn't impreseed with Obama, or many in the west during his years. Another example


“I understand why he has to do this,” said Angela Merkel in 2007, referring to Vladimir Putin, “to prove he’s a man. He’s afraid of his own weakness. Russia has nothing, no successful politics or economy. All they have is this.”


Wow. Now there’s a statement. What could have possibly prompted such a harsh, bitter assessment by one major world leader against another?


In more than one of their meetings, Vladimir Putin brought in his dogs to saunter and sniff at Merkel, who is terribly afraid of dogs, and Putin knows it. One incident in Sochi in 2007 was recalled in a profile of Merkel in the New Yorker. In this case, the dog was reportedly Putin’s black lab, Koni...

I had no question of Mr. Putin's masculinity issues before this article. Then again, he also has at his disposal over 4,000 nuclear weapons. I think that would give me a buzz. But he will make you uncomfortable and if you object, tell you where you can go, deal with it. Remember one of his predecessor's was Joe Stalin. This is the big game and the big dogs play here.