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Saturday, October 11, 2014

The stupidity of politicians never ceases to amaze me!

Generally the really stupid politicians (I know, redundancy, but just go with me here) in at the federal level, but the District of Columbia government is not too shabby. Just read the article.
D.C. councilmember David Grosso suggests disarming city police, says officers 'shouldn't have guns'

D.C. Copuncilmember David Grasso

Independent Councilmember David Grosso made his comments Wednesday night at a hearing on the use of stop-and-frisk and other tactics by District of Columbia police.

Grosso said his staff has urged him not to express the opinion, but nonetheless, he said, "I think we ought to get rid of guns in the city and that police shouldn't have guns."

Democratic Councilmember Tommy Wells pointed out that some police officers in other countries don't carry deadly weapons.

The hearing included testimony from residents who said they had been subjected to aggressive police tactics. Wells said he held the hearing in part because of high-profile incidents including the shooting of an unarmed teenager by police in Ferguson, Missouri.

I could ask if he wants the guards at DC City Hall disarmed but I think I would know the answer. You think you have reached rock bottom with the stupidity of politicians, then someone gets out the pick ax and starts breaking gravel.

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