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Saturday, May 2, 2015

John Wayne

The Duke, off the screen

One of my favorite actors of all time, as American as they get, John Wayne. Right after Beth and I were married and got back from the mini-moon, they were playing The Quiet Man and I asked "You've seen this?", a rhetorical question. To my horror she said no and I asking "What kind of communist did I marry?!" But she sat with me and like millions, she loved the movie and especially this scene.

Now I've heard he wore a hair piece and just considered it part of his routine, as his costumes and makeup. He once said, "Whenever I go on the screen, I play John Wayne, no matter what the role." But off the screen he was just one of the guys. Here is a short film showing him off the big screen. Maybe a bit less hair, but no less great. We miss you Duke.

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