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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Honest to God, we need more federal involvement in local law enforcement

This reminds me of a great quote I had bad in 1986 in college. The professor asked what is the purpose of any bureaucracy and I answered, "To insure it's own existence." I had no idea how dead on I was. Over the years I've seen one "temporary program" evolve into another to justify its existence. In a recent paper I submitted a major point was after 9/11 he discovered how weak the Central Intelligence Agency was in controlling national intelligence. So what did we do, we created the Directorate of National Intelligence but it still can't control our intelligence assets. So we have just put another level of bureaucracy at extreme cost for no reason but to justify people's employment.

Now as I was going over the Houston Chronicle this morning and seeing more and more reasons why I should just cancel the subscription (it’s pretty much worthless, little local reporting, just copying the propaganda of the AP and other papers), I found these two articles interesting.

Officials, family seeking answers in woman’s death: FBI involvement in Waller County case requested

PRAIRIE VIEW — State officials investigating the death of Sandra Bland, a 28-year-old African-American woman found hanging in a Waller County jail cell earlier this week, on Thursday asked for assistance from the FBI while relatives questioned the official account of her death and the circumstances surrounding it.

At a news conference in Chicago, members of Bland’s family said they would be traveling to Texas and hoped to meet with investigators to discuss Bland’s death and to try to get more information…

And this:

FBI investigating possible hate crime at bar: Man’s jaw, teeth broken after being attacked in restroom in area pub

The FBI is investigating whether an incident at a Houston-area bar is a hate crime, a spokeswoman with the agency said Thursday.

Raiel Rizk was attacked in a restroom at Uncle Albert’s Pub, off Barker Cypress Road, about closing time on Tuesday, his jaw and teeth broken, the bar owners said.

The attacker called Rizk a “terrorist” during the incident, witnesses told authorities and the owners, Rebecca Dove-Weaver and her husband Les Weaver.

“This was not a bar fight; it was a hate crime,” Rebecca Dove-Weaver said…

Question, does a suicide and a bar fight really require federal involvement?

As far as the suicide in jail, the incident is being investigted by the state which is good to have another set of eyes looking at it. A hate crime because the jerk said "your a terrorists!" Excuse me, I've been called "honky" (and a few other terms) by many a black suspect and I don't recall anytime the feds wanting to come up and investigate a "hate crime". I've been threatened and my these "humans" have threatened to come after my family. I know it's not much of a threat, but again, where are the feds going after these people for a crime directed towards me because I am a peace officer. Again, I'm not holding my breath.

Hey FBI, noting against you, but concentrate on real issues, like threats against us by Islamic Militants. Oh, did I just say militant Islam is the threat, not "right wing extremist"?


I was wondering why that rag Houston Chronicle put the article on the suicide in jail on the front page, above the fold, above the article on the latest "workplace violence", excuse me, rampage. You know, where a militant Muslim murdered multiple American military personnel on our soil but it's not an act of terrorism.
Civil Rights Activist Arrested At Traffic Stop, Found Dead In Jail

Sandra Bland was a civil rights activist and advocate who was mysteriously found dead in jail after a bizarre traffic stop arrest.

Bland was found dead in a Texas jail just after being arrested for allegedly being “combative” during a routine traffic stop.

Now, her friends and family have launched a campaign that is calling out the police and questioning the authorities’ ruling of her jailhouse death as a suicide.

The ruling of a suicide is all the more ridiculous when you consider the facts that Sandra Bland was arrested on charges that she could have easily fought. He bond was set relatively low. Yet she was found dead Monday in her cell, not long before she would have likely been bailed out.

She had not been behind bars for any length of time, and it was unlikely that she would have remained behind bars for long. Why would she commit suicide?

It doesn’t make any sense to her friends and family either. Many of them believe this was a case of murder – even political assassination – plain and simple.

But the Waller County Sheriff’s Office claims that the 28-year-old died “from what appears to be self-inflicted asphyxiation,” adding that it is a “tragic incident.”

Bland, however, had recently moved to the area, and was due to start a new job Wednesday as a college outreach officer. The job was with her alma mater, Prairie View A&M University, and by all accounts she was very excited for her first day at work.

Suicide doesn’t fit with her situation in anyone’s mind but that of the police....

Got it, she wasn't a human, she was a "Civil Rights Activist". Explains a lot, will give the Chron crap to insult it's readers with for at least a week and also divert from the terrorist attack in Tennessee.

Thanks Mike K for the link.

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  1. As with most stories over hyped by the media, the public has been spoon fed one side of the story. There are always two sides to the story. One side seems to be doing a great job of raising money and publicity for their failing bar based on the story they are pushing.

    It would seem that the jury, in the court of public opinion, should wait for the other side of the story. Maybe the public should find it instructive that, although the FBI has the other fighter's name, and likely, his address, no one has been arrested yet.