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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

I think I see the problem

A few years ago I was one of the responding officers in an officer down shooting. We had the suspect cornered in a building, there were over 100 cops out all with weapons, an armored vehicle and a helicopter surrounding the place. And we had idiots walking up to us asking, "What's going on?" We were screaming, "Get the hell out of here.." and forgive us, a few other choice words, to get them to move.

This was an article from this morning's Houston Chronicle, of the shooting in San Bernardino, CA, with the vetted imported terrorist. Decent read, but I want to point out something on this picture.

I've had disagreements with conservative/libertarian friends on the need for heavy vehicles in law enforcement.  If you want to know why, look at what happened in San Bernardino.  But this is what drives me nuts.  Look at the right side of the picture and you see a civilian, obviously in a business suit, in his personal vehicle with his phone out to photo it.  IDIOT!  If things start going south, you have an excellent shot (pardon the pun) of getting killed!  The cops have body armor on and an armored vehicle to stop small arms fire.

This desire to have the next Rodeny King video is going to lead to an unrelated third person getting shot.  And then the usual suspects who are always calling, "Cops are infringing on our rights!..." will not be screaming "Why didn't the police stop this civilian getting hurt?"

If we got guns drawn,  there is a reason.  Stay away.

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