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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Another happy doggie story!

From Miami, an idiot takes the cops on a ride and ends up facing the Jaws of Justice!

WATCH police in Miami end a high-speed chase with the help of K-9 officers.

Posted by Fox News on Friday, April 1, 2016

Nice work Miami PD.


  1. How many guns do you need to arrest someone? Especially after you have set a dog on him.
    How many people must crowd on him when you have him on the floor?

    1. Anon, to answer your questions, as many guns as needed and as many cops as needed.

      If you look at the video below it’s the live feed. The punk was all over Miami endangering countless lives. If you go to 7.30, you will see how he was stopped, got out, then got in again and back up, crashing into a police SUV. He could have killed many people. So yes, he’s considered a deadly threat and we will handle him with whatever force is needed. In case you missed it, when he almost hit the officer with the dog, the use of deadly force, i.e. shooting his dumb ass, would have been justified. He’s lucky he wasn’t shot.

      In a recent conversation with a friend over an incident when he thought there were too many cops on a scene and the “optics were bad”, my response was “I don’t care.” I’ve had to get a man into custody when he was on the run, it’s dangerous and we need to stop the situation as fast as possible.

      Oh, in case you’re not getting it, the person responsible for this, is…ready. The suspect. If he had just gotten out of the car, surrendered none of this would have happened.


  2. Cat goes through hole in fence at -:14.