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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Great article on the Arizona audit. One point I’ve found very curious. Democrats have sent around 100 lawyers to stop the audit. If the audit will show nothing wrong, why stop it? Why should the Dems spend a fortune in legal fees to stop an effort that will cost the Republican Party another fortune in legal and other fees.  If there is nothing there, why not, from the Democrats point of view, let the GOP makes fools of themselves in front of the entire nation? 

The wisdom of Ramses (Yul Brynner) come to mind, “Let him speak so men shall know him mad.” If the Democrats truly believe the election was not stolen (But 2016 was), they should be sitting back and enjoying this. 

Elizabeth Vaughn 6/1/2021 5:17 

Reporting from the floor of the Maricopa County, Arizona forensic audit on Tuesday, OANN's Christina Bobb told viewers a delegation from Pennsylvania had arrived on Tuesday and for a tour of the audit on Wednesday.

"They've expressed interest in the Arizona audit and possibly replicating this in Pennsylvania. ... They are getting a behind the scene tour tomorrow. ... They're going to get to hear from the auditors exactly what is happening," Bobb said…

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