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Monday, December 27, 2021

What we do…

The last few years have been difficult for the policing profession. Idiots who would piss on themselves on the first alarm call. One worthless politician after another calling for destruction of policing through defunding or micromanagement and regulation. While the members of all professions is, to say the least, imperfect, cops have been taking it on the chin for the last few years.

In a discussion with an acquaintance, I explained the major difference between him (A teacher) and I. “You’re at the mall with your family and hear someone shooting, what will you do? Run from him. What do I get to do? Tell my family to unass the area and I move towards him.”

Not bragging or complaining, just stating fact. 


With that as a start, great to hear what cops are all about. 


‘This is what we do’: 5 police officers rush into burning building, carry out man in wheelchair

The building was destroyed, but the officers' quick thinking saved a man's life

SOLVAY, N.Y, — Geddes Police Sgt. Michael Borell was the first on the scene of a fire in a long-time Solvay pizza shop Monday night.


He said he heard a woman yelling that her husband was stuck in an apartment over the burning Bianchi’s Pizza Pad on Milton Avenue.


“She was screaming and crying in the street that her husband was upstairs,” Borell said


He went up the stairs to the apartment and found the man in his wheelchair. The man said he couldn’t walk and didn’t want to leave his cats behind.


Borell, who has 15 years as a police officer, would need help to get the man out safely.

Solvay Officer Joseph Hardy parked his patrol car to block off the street and ran towards the building. 

He had heard on dispatch calls at about 8 p.m. that there was a man in a wheelchair inside and possibly children.


The smoke was flooding into the street, Hardy said. The 21-year-old has only been on the job five months and had never been to a building fire.


Three other officers arrived at the scene from the Geddes Police Department: Adam Lustrinelli, Taylor Potter and Ryan Legacy, said John Fall, Geddes police chief.


All officers went up the stairs and into the smoke-filled apartment.


“I just kind of ran in there,” Hardy said. “There was smoke but I didn’t stop to think about downstairs being on fire.” 

Borell wheeled the man to the stairs. Hardy grabbed one shoulder and another officer grabbed the man’s other shoulder, Hardy said. Another officer grabbed the man’s feet and the three carried the man down the stairs to the wife’s car, Hardy said…

Gentlemen, thank you have what you did that night, and every night.You showed what a badge means.

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