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Friday, February 17, 2023

RIP To The Greatest Of All Time...

Can't believe it's been two years since he passed. As too many have said, no one can replace Rush Limbaugh. They can only succeed him. 

The man was in credible in many ways, but the biggest contribution was just showing anyone, including a man from small town Missouri can use his talent and hard work to achieve greatness in their chosen form of endeavor. 

I remember his final show in 2020. The final show before he took two weeks off for the holidays were generally an annual thank you to his listeners and staff, but this was different. The previous year he took a lot of time off for cancer treatment, and you could tell it was taking a toll on him. But on his final show, the way he said, "Some day I won't be able to do this show" was telling. He was saying good bye. Maybe he has a premonition, maybe he just was too tired, one can only guess. But it was a great loss to America when he finally passed

As a good friend said,  "No one gets out of here alive." And someone else said, "It's not the years in your life, but the life in your years." And few men put as much life into 70 years as Rush.

For him, his opening song, The Pretenders, "My City Was Gone." 

RIP Rush. You are missed. I laugh every time I think of the fun you would have with Ballongate.

Have a great weekend. 

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