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Sunday, November 19, 2023

The Holocaust Deniers Are Back


Someday some son of a bitch will say this never happened.


General of the Army Dwight Eisenhower upon seeing the NAZI death camps.


Earlier this year I posted on how cops must have a certain detachment to the suffering of others, and it goes well beyond compartmentalization. I recall training a rookie officer and we drove up on a car fire. The driver perished because she tried to cut in front of an 18-wheeler, struck his fuel tank, and the ignited diesel burned her car. 


As the firefighter finished hosing down the car, I told my trainee to look at the body. She took it well. Dealing with dead bodies is a critical part of field training, and police work in general. The need to be able to handle it. 


Then I told her, “Let’s get some Popeye’s for dinner.” She looked at me with a “you can’t be that f%^&ed up can you Thiac” look on her face (the firefighter was also chuckling). I explained to her a warped sense of humor is a coping  mechanism  in this profession. Otherwise, you will lose it. I’ve seen dead children (I’ve never made off color remarks about that) and it rips at you. But you must do your job.


Last week I was reading an article in the American Spectator on why we need to broadcast what Hamas did in Israel. 



Israel Should Make Hamas Atrocity Videos World Famous - The American Spectator | USA News and Politics

Deroy Murdock


The below account details atrocities committed by Hamas on Oct. 7 in Israel.

The Israeli Consulate in Manhattan recently arranged a highly disturbing but equally important briefing for about 20 journalists. Israel’s diplomats in Gotham presented 40 minutes of raw video that documented Hamas’ appalling atrocities during their unprovoked, surprise attack on the Jewish state last Oct. 7. This was the first presentation of these images outside Israel. 

A wide variety of devices captured this carnage. Hamas killers’ GoPro cameras recorded terrorist-eye views of that day’s bloodshed. Home-security, traffic-circle, and closed-circuit cameras caught the mayhem as it unfolded. Hamas’ social media posts showcased their deadly handiwork. The Israel Defense Forces also seized video proof of this handiwork from dead Hamas barbarians. Their cellphones and body cameras spoke volumes.

“It’s important to remember what happened,” said Gilad Erdan, Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations, as he introduced this video. “Massacre denial is like the modern Holocaust denial. This will help people truly understand our enemy: Hamas is a genocidal terror organization committed to the destruction of the state of Israel.”

These scenes begin at dawn. With the sun just over the horizon, Hamas terrorists in civilian pickup trucks crash through the border fence and speed toward their targets. They are exhilarated, as if heading to the beach for spring break. “Allahu akbar!” they cheer. Let’s kill some Jews! 

The Hamas murderers soon encounter Israelis driving along a highway, minding their own business. Hamas gunmen leap from their trucks and start shooting unarmed motorists. Without warning, these drivers suddenly feel their cars riddled with bullets. As they perish, they release their steering wheels. Their cars roll off the road.

A dash camera shows the view from inside one vehicle. As the Israeli driver cruises along, a Hamas terrorist steps into the street and opens fire. The windshield cracks, pierced by bullets. With its driver mortally wounded, the sedan veers off the highway and into a ditch.

These beasts then approach a kibbutz. A black dog responds. But this is no lunging Doberman or snarling Rottweiler. Instead, an apparent Labrador ambles forward. Its gentle demeanor suggests that it misconstrues the men of Hamas for new friends, perhaps dropping by for breakfast and then a game of fetch, with fresh tennis balls. 

No such luck.

A Hamas ghoul lifts his rifle and gratuitously wastes the poor pup with three or four tugs of his trigger…

Read the article, it’s quite disturbing. But what is atrocious and beyond words is what is linked at the bottom. I have a sense of detachment, as many first responders, soldiers, etc. have to have. But this is beyond sickening. How any human can do this to an innocent child or any human being is beyond comprehension. 


I’ve read how many of our Marines and soldiers behaved with German and Japanese soldiers in World War II. Not justifying it, but they dealt with an enemy that treated other humans in a sub-human manner (e.g. the Rape of Nanking, the Baton Death March, the Holocaust, etc.), they actions can be understood by the heat of battle. These were civilians living their lives and a threat to no one. Reports are that Hamas burned babies alive. In no way are the perpetrators to be called anything near human. 


If I had the ability, before they were brought to justice, I would have them spayed and neutered. With a rusty hack saw. Forgive me, but I have my limits. You torture or burn infants (or adults for that matter) alive, I have no issue with your pain.


If you can stomach it, look at the pictures. I don’t exaggerate, seeing them shook my core. I’ve seen dead children and adults, killed by accident or by deliberate actions. I’ve seen mothers cry over their dead children. I’ve smelled a body over a week old, an odor you will never forget. But never did I see evil like this. 


Well, not to be outdone, our future, the young on the universities, attempt to cast doubt on what we’ve seen with our own eyes. 




Again, if the power was within me, I would ensure this creature is fixed with a blunt object. For the sake of humanity, it must not breed. 

As difficult as it is, these images must be broadcast as far and wide as possible. We don’t know how successful the Israelis will be in their war against Hamas. But it’s not someday. It’s today. A son of a bitch is trying to say, “This never happened. Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes.” 

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