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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

And then there was one

I was behind on my final paper for the class and thankfully my professor let me have an unofficial three day extension to complete the assignment. He must have been finishing put because I uploaded the paper (only a 6 page item, not counting cover sheet, references, etc) at 800pm and by 1030pm he sent it back graded. 97! Got an A for the class. And now all I have left is the final class called Capstone.

Problem is the web site will not allow me to register until “all courses are completed…” and this course is shown as still in progress. So I have to wait until tomorrow and call someone to say “Hey, moron, let me pay you some more money please, err register for the class…”

Celebrated with a cigar, Community Coffee and reading a book for pleasure, “The Girl in the Spider’s Web”. My goal was to read 26 books this year and I will probably fall a bit short (20 or so) but I was reading a lot for class.

Well, gotta get to sleep. Six comes up early (traffic job at eight) and I need the money. Christmas is coming up quick. And my boy Bugs has crawled under my bed sheets to say he is ready for sleep.

Have a great night.

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