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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Not exactly Houston's Finest...

Saw this today and being a field training supervisor we have to agree that sometime we have people with "issues" make it on the street. Thankfully he's no longer on the street.
Ex-Houston cop gets year in jail for asking to lick woman’s feet

HOUSTON (AP) — A suburban Houston school district police officer who pulled over a female motorist and then asked to lick her feet has been sentenced to 1 year in jail.

Patrick Quinn, a 27-year-old former Cypress-Fairbanks school district police officer, pleaded guilty to official oppression. He was sentenced on Wednesday in Houston.

According to court documents, Quinn stopped the woman in August 2014 and found marijuana paraphernalia but told her he had a foot fetish and would release her if she let him lick her feet or give him her underwear. Investigators say he then changed his mind and let her go.
The fact he is now a convicted felon will insure he cannot be a cop somewhere else. Good riddance.

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