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Sunday, October 4, 2015

What, I'm Da Laws now!

A few weeks after I got off probation in February, 1999, I saw someone drive though a red light and I though, "I wish a cop had seen that....wait a cop did!" I smiled and it really hit me I'm the cop now.

As I was surfing PoliceOne today I found this and found it rather humorous. Enjoy.
13 times you knew you were a cop

By PoliceOne Staff

There are parts of the job that can’t be shaken off at the end of the day like your uniform. Here are 13 signs you’re an LEO — as written by our Facebook audience:

1. “You refer to your spouse as ‘watch commander.’" — Joseph Lordanich

2. “You immediately take up the ‘Weaver Stance’ when some huck walks up and asks for a smoke or a match.” — William Hawkins

3. “You feel the need to wash your hands after having to shake hands with someone.” — Victor Lewis

4. “When you find yourself telling your kids to ‘Signal 9’ and they reply with ‘10-4.’” — Michael Gardner Jr.

5. “Your signature develops a unreadable flair.” — Chris Kohnken

6. “You have to explain to your significant other you’re not checking out people’s butts — you’re looking at waistlines for a gun.” — Steven Wallace

7. “You answer your phone at home by saying, ‘Go ahead.’” — Ron Singh

8. “You reach for your spotlight in your personal car when you see a suspicious person or you try to use your key card when you're walking through the front door of your house." — Bryan Britten

9. “Your spouse sees their favorite restaurant, while you see the place where several dirtbags you recently arrested work and you’re afraid to eat there for fear of what they'll do to your food.” — Rachel Hansen

10. “You know every 24 hour coffee and fuel stop in the area.” — PSH

11. “People immediately remove their hands from their pockets when they see you.” — Doug Sterling

12. “Reading tags phonetically off duty in your head. Can't stop to save my life.” — Shane Tindall

13. “You drive off duty like you're going lights and sirens and make your wife carsick.” — Molly Anne

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